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Advanced Themer is sooooooo much more than a plugin for Bricks Builder. It’s a 10x game-changer for anyone building in the world of Bricks.

Class Manager

We finally have it! This game-changer will allow you to easily manage your global classes. It includes advanced filtering options (classes active on the page, filter by lock status, or if they contain styles in it), and functions such as add/edit/rename/reorder/duplicate/delete classes. You can even drop Custom CSS declarations inside the class and check the generated code on frontend by Bricks.

Tons of improvements

We’re just getting started, but Advanced Themer is already loaded with 143 amazing tweaks that will significantly streamline your development process.

The Bricks Advanced Themer offers a professional upgrade to your color palettes, featuring dynamic colors, a one-click shade generator, instant dark mode, and additional elements to create fantastic theming functions.

Check All Features

CSS Variables

Styles & Classes

Builder Tweaks

Strict Editor View


AI integration

Admin Settings / Extras
Advanced Themer for Bricks – Boost Your Bricks websites

It’s Lightning Fast!

Advanced Themer has been designed to help boost your productivity without stressing about front and backend performance.

To ensure everything runs smoothly, we customized the code so there are no unused-utility-class CSS, unwanted JS on all pages, or secondary dependencies on the frontend involved.

Less than 1KB inline CSS loaded

No dependencies

Based on reusable variables rather than utility classes

No JS loaded on frontend unless it’s strictly necessary

Advanced Themer for Bricks – Boost Your Bricks websites

Built to Stay!

We’ve had a lot of conversations about the best way to handle JS framework dependencies within the Page Builder community over the past year.

We decided that taking the no-framework route would be best for years to come, which means you can expect a sleek interface optimized for blazing-fast speed plus amazing compatibility with third-party plugins – all without having to worry about outdated dependencies!

Builder tweaks use 100% Vanilly JavaScript

The core functions rely on the native Bricks filters

Follows the WordPress Development Guidelines

Advanced Themer for Bricks – Boost Your Bricks websites

You’ve got full control!

With Advanced Themer, you have the freedom to customize your plugin using a modular approach. If there are features you don’t require, you can simply turn them off without any adverse effects on the rest of your website.

Rather than being tied down to a particular CSS framework, this plugin allows you to chart your own course when it comes to utilizing utility classes and variables.

Enable/Disable any feature

Framework free – build your own system

Compatible with the most popular plugins in the Bricks Ecosystem

Advanced Themer for Bricks – Boost Your Bricks websites

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