Aelia Tax Display by Country for WooCommerce


The Tax Display by Country plugin allows you to configure how prices should be displayed for each country. You can decide to show prices with tax tax for some countries, and without tax for other countries. The plugin will detect visitors’ country, using geolocation, and use that information to show prices and pre-populate the billing and shipping address at checkout. Customers can also select a different country by using the widget provided by the plugin, if you choose to show it on your site.

The Tax Display by Country plugin also includes a feature to keep product prices fixed. You could set a price of 100 Euro, inclusive of VAT, and all your customers will pay that exact amount, no matter the VAT applicable to their orders. The “fixed prices” feature also supports manual orders.

Tax Display by Country for WooCommerce allows you to display your product prices with our without taxes, depending on your visitors’ country, and to pre-select checkout country automatically. When you sell internationally, customers can get confused by the prices, as they might contain VAT/Tax which doesn’t apply to every sale. Also, some customers overlook the “country” field at checkout and end up entering an incorrect address, or getting validation errors. Those factors combined can easily drive a potential customer away. Our product will remove those obstacles and help you increasing sales.

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