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Affiliate Landing Pages allows you to create dedicated landing pages for your affiliates, which they can promote without using an affiliate link.

Create and assign a dedicated landing page

With Affiliate Landing Pages, you can now create and assign a dedicated landing page (page or post) to each affiliate (or even to certain special affiliates). This landing page could display detailed information about the affiliate, show content specific to them, show content published by them, or absolutely anything you want! Potentially the most beautiful aspect of Affiliate Landing Pages is its utterly seamless integration with WordPress and the default WordPress editor. Simply build a landing page and assign it to an affiliate. Easy!

No affiliate link required!

Some people are extremely good at spotting an affiliate link. They hover over the link and look at the URL in the browser status bar. This is more common than you think; people like to know where that link is taking them! Some affiliate links can look “sketchy” and are packed with long query strings and random characters. Other people simply don’t like clicking on affiliate links at all, knowing that someone is going to earn a commission if they decide to purchase.

When a potential customer chooses not to click an affiliate link, it means a missed sale opportunity for you. Why take the chance?

By using Affiliate Landing Pages, there is no affiliate link in sight. Potential customers are more likely to click the link and purchase from your site.

How does Affiliate Landing Pages work?

Affiliate Landing Pages allows you to assign any page or post to an affiliate. This is done via a new metabox called Affiliate Landing Pages:

AffiliateWP – Affiliate Landing Pages

Once the landing page is assigned to an affiliate, the affiliate can then promote the landing page’s URL without needing to use their affiliate link.

When a potential customer clicks the link and arrives on the landing page, the affiliate’s ID is stored in a cookie. If the customer purchases, the affiliate who referred them will receive a commission. This works exactly like standard tracking in AffiliateWP.


For the following examples, let’s pretend for a moment that your website is and you have an affiliate named Sasha.

Example 1: Guest blogging

Sasha writes a guest post for your website titled “5 ways this product will improve your life”.

AffiliateWP – Affiliate Landing Pages

Naturally, WordPress creates a more efficient slug based on the post title (note the missing words). The URL of the post is:

Next we’ll assign the post to Sasha via the Affiliate Landing Pages metabox:

AffiliateWP – Affiliate Landing Pages

Sasha can now promote the URL across social media, email, targeted ad campaigns, websites… anywhere she wants, all without needing to use her affiliate link!

Example 2: Brand ambassador pages

Sasha is a brand ambassador for your website. You create a new page for her titled “Sasha”:

AffiliateWP – Affiliate Landing Pages

Sasha can now promote the URL of

Example 3: One affiliate as an exclusive affiliate for your product

You might decide that Sasha should be an exclusive affiliate for your new product. You create a new page titled “My Awesome Product” (replace with actual awesome product name) and assign it to her:

AffiliateWP – Affiliate Landing Pages

Sasha can now promote the URL of

Example 4: Multiple affiliates as exclusive affiliates for your product

You might decide that multiple affiliates should each have their own dedicated landing page for the my-awesome-product product. Since you can only assign each page to one affiliate, you would create (and assign) a child page for each affiliate.

AffiliateWP – Affiliate Landing Pages

Sasha can now promote a URL of

The examples above are just some of the ways you might use Affiliate Landing Pages. Because it integrates seamlessly with WordPress, you can design your landing pages the way you’re most familiar with, whether it’s via your theme’s default page templates or page builder. Add the affiliate’s name, photo, phone number, the choice is yours!

Key features

  • Easily assign any landing page to an affiliate: Search for affiliates by username, name or email address. Partial searches can also be used.
  • Assign multiple landing pages to an affiliate: Affiliates can have more than one landing page assigned to them.
  • Display landing pages to affiliates: Affiliates can see all landing pages assigned to them from the Affiliate URLs tab of the Affiliate Area. You can also display landing pages to the affiliate using the [affiliate_landing_pages] shortcode.
  • Design your landing pages as you’re used to: Affiliate Landing Pages seamlessly integrates with WordPress so you can use the tools you’re most familiar with to build your landing pages.

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