All-In-One WooCommerce Import Export Suite


All-in-one WooCommerceImport Export Suite ; Supports multiple file formats. Import or export WooCommerce data using CSV, XML, TSV, and Excel files.

Export Data Exactly the Way You Want

With the advanced filters and options provided by this plugin, you can custom export specific data from your store.

Products Reviews Orders Coupons Subscriptions User/Customer
Available Filters Product title Date range Order ID Coupon status Subscription status User role
Categories Products Statuses Coupon type Date range Email
Tags Ratings Product Amount range Next payment date Date range
Product types Customer / guest Customer Email Expiry range Payment method
Stock status Status Used coupons Customer email
Date range Product
Used coupons

Apart from these filters, you have options to:

All-In-One WooCommerce Import Export SuiteChoose the total number of items to export

All-In-One WooCommerce Import Export SuiteSort the columns in the export file the way you like

All-In-One WooCommerce Import Export SuiteChoose the first n number of items to skip from the export

All-In-One WooCommerce Import Export SuiteSelect the item data fields you want to export

Multiple Methods for Convenient Data Migration

The plugin provides you with multiple options to choose a convenient import/export method that works best for you.
You can import and export WooCommerce data using three different methods:
Quick import/export – Import/Export all the data related to the export in one go without using any filters or options provided by the plugin.

Pre-saved Template – Use a pre-saved template for import/export actions without having to configure the previous settings again.

Advanced import/export – Make use of the advanced import export filters and options to perform custom imports and exports.

Furthermore, you can choose the import file location from:

  • your local storage
  • the URL where the file can be fetched
  • the FTP location of the file

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Quick and Advanced methods for WooCommerce data import

Bulk Edit or Modify WooCommerce Data During Import

The plugin lets you modify hundreds or thousands of entries of products, orders, coupons, subscriptions, and users by applying custom rules during import. You can make changes to any of your store data in bulk while importing with simple mathematical formulae.

How would this help you?

Consider this example:

You are running a store-wide discount sale with a price cut of 10%. You can either do it by updating the price for all products manually or do it the smart way with this plugin. Simply export all your store products, then import them back to your store and set a rule to decrease the sale price by 10%. This will reduce the sale price of all your products by 10% within a few clicks.

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Bulk edit data during import in WooCommerce using simple math operators

Create Product Descriptions Using Generative AI

When integrating products with this plugin, you can connect with ChatGPT API to create product descriptions on your store. This feature allows you to automatically generate product descriptions during import for items without existing product descriptions. You can choose different tones of language (formal, casual, flowery, or convincing) for product descriptions generated using Chat GPT.

This automated process saves you the effort of manually adding descriptions for products that do not have one. By leveraging the power of generative AI, you can quickly generate informative and engaging descriptions that can enhance your product listings and make sure your store doesn’t miss out on SEO.

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With the help of ChatGPT, easily generate product descriptions when there are none in the importing file.

Retain Passwords while Importing Users/Customers

When importing WordPress users or WooCommerce customers, you can retain the old passwords and allow customers to log in to your new website without having to create a new password. This ensures a seamless login experience for your customers.

The plugin also provides an option to send an email to customers/users when migrating user data to a new store.

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Retain WordPress user passwords when importing

Schedule Automatic Import/Export Actions

Let the imports and exports in the store run in the background while you focus on other important matters. You can set the import/export actions to work automatically using the plugin’s scheduler option. This helps in one-time import/exports or periodic import/exports at regular intervals. You can choose the scheduling time and the intervals for the periodic import/export actions on your store.

The plugin lets you add multiple FTP/SFTP profiles for scheduling the import/exports on your store. This enables the use of data files from multiple FTP profiles without configuring the profiles each time.

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Schedule WooCommerce import and export

View Detailed Log History

Easy troubleshooting with developer logs to identify errors in failed import/export actions. The plugin lists all the import/export processes that happened and are scheduled on your store. You can disable or delete unwanted scheduled actions to reduce server load and reduce the chances of the failure of actively scheduled actions.

These debug logs can also be downloaded from your store and can be shared with your developer team for debugging purposes.

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View detailed log and history of all the import and export done using the plugin

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