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With a responsive layout, the element takes the space available to it and resizes its height automatically to the aspect ratio specified by the element’s width

AMP Layouts is a revolutionary modular layout system built for AMP that makes easy to create your own AMP templates.

It’s got a pre-built design for every use case with customizability options and requires no coding.

Our team is creating new designs and pushing them as an update, which means that you will be getting new AMP themes in your WordPress dashboard.



  • Pixel Perfect Design

    You can design, build and create personalized AMP pages at scale.

  • AMP Layouts

  • Pre-Built demos.

    It’s got Pre-Built AMP Layouts which is custom designed for that industry. You can even mix and match between designs.

  • AMP Layouts

  • New Layouts

    We are planning to continuously build new designs and release them as an update.

  • AMP Layouts

  • Customizable

    All the designs, fonts and colors are easily customizable from the options panel.

  • AMP Layouts


  • Drag & Drop Builder

    It integrates well with AMP Page Builder 3.0 which allows you to have a full control on the layout without touching the code.

  • AMP Layouts

  • Google Fonts

    Get all the Google Fonts available as an API library, meaning you can use any type of fonts that you wish to use.

  • AMP Layouts

  • Custom Themes Without Coding

    Pick the look, arrange your content and make it your own.

  • AMP Layouts

  • Save Your Design

    Save your page designs and reuse them on other pages. This can really speed up your design workflow.

  • AMP Layouts

  • Export & Import

    Export any layout or import it to any other website. AMP Layouts helps you to get inspiration and share your templates with other designers.

  • AMP Layouts
  • Advanced Elements

    You’ll get access to new Headers, Footers, Single, Menu and many more design elements.

  • AMP Layouts

  • 450+ Icons

    Choose from 450+ unique icons to make your page more visually appealing to your audience.

  • AMP Layouts

  • Mobile Friendly

    It’s a mobile first design which looks great on the desktop as well on the mobile.

  • AMP Layouts

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