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Web Stories immerse your readers in fast-loading full-screen experiences. Easily create visual narratives, with engaging animations and tappable interactions. The Web Story format (formerly known as AMP Stories) is free and part of the open web and are available for everyone to try on their websites. They can be shared and embedded across the web without being confined to a closed ecosystem or platform.

Web Stories provide content publishers with a mobile-focused format for delivering news and information as visually rich, tap-through stories. Web Stories offers a robust set of advertising opportunities for advertisers and publishers to reach a unique audience on the web with immersive experiences.

Images, videos and GIFs

Web Stories are built with visually rich media, and whether you utilize pictures, videos or GIF assets is up to you. Images and videos expand to visually fill the readers’ screens, providing a smooth and fully engaging experience. AMP allows you to specify the file type to account for the user’s network connection and browser capabilities.

Text and audio

Convey facts and figures via bite-sized chunks of one or two sentences – ideal for mobile devices. Choose from different font colors for basic readability. Or add visual elements like subtle black transparent gradient overlays to ensure readability even on random background imagery, for example user generated content. On top of this, you can use short audio files on every page to provide spoken information or background music.

Animations and interactions

It’s easy to create visual effects and tappable interactions that keep readers engaged. Titles can fly drop, fade in, or animate onto the page. Configure your story to automatically progress to the next page when a video snippet is finished. Provide social sharing and related links at the end of your story, so users can share it or dive further into other content on your site.

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