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The Automatic Translate Addon for Loco Translate is a powerful tool for website owners and developers looking to quickly translate their WordPress plugins and themes. The plugin integrates with the Loco Translate plugin to provide a seamless experience for users. The addon uses machine translation to automatically translate the plugin and theme strings into the desired language, saving time and effort for website owners who need to quickly translate their content into multiple languages.

Install this plugin along with the famous Loco Translate plugin (1,000,000+ Active Installations) and automatically machine translates any WordPress plugin or theme translation files into any language.
The Automatic Translate Addon for Loco Translate is a must-have tool for anyone looking for a seamless, efficient, and high-quality solution to translate their WordPress plugins and themes.


  • Yes, it’s true, there is no requirement to use any translate API key to use this addon for automatic translations, just install it and translate unlimited characters with one click.
  • Free version of this addon supports Yandex Page Translate Widget. By using this translate widget you can unlimitedly translate any plugin or theme translatable plain text strings.
  • Pro version provides support for the Google Translate widget and DeepL Doc Translator. You can also use them without any API key unlimited times. DeepL Translate provides a limited number of free doc translations daily. It is better than Google, Yandex, or any other machine translation service provider – read a review by TechCrunch


  • One-click translate any plugin or theme for all translatable strings. It will only translate plain text strings means if a string will contain HTML or a special character then it will be skipped from automatic translations.
  • You can automatically translate unlimited characters free of cost without any API key. You just need to install this addon and click on the translate button to translate any plugin or theme strings.
  • After auto translations, you can manually edit any machine-translated string inside Loco’s built-in editor.

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done. Stop wasting time, complete work smartly & quickly!”


Free License

  • ✅ Yandex Translate Widget Support: Available
  • ✅ Unlimited Free Translations: Available (Only via Yandex)
  • ✅ API Key Required: Not Required (Yandex Widget Support)
  • ❌ Google Translate Widget Support: Not Available
  • ❌ DeepL Doc Translator Support: Not Available
  • ❌ Premium Support: Not Available

Premium License

  • ✅ Yandex Translate Widget Support: Available
  • ✅ Unlimited Free Translations: Available
    (Via Yandex, Google & DeepL)
  • ✅ API Key Required: Not Required
    (Yandex, Google & DeepL Support)
  • ✅ Google Translate Widget Support: Available
  • ✅ DeepL Doc Translator Support: Available
    (Limited free docs translations/day or purchase DeepL Pro)
  • ✅ Premium Support: Quick Email Support
    ([email protected]Support time:- 24-48 hours)
  • Premium License: Buy Now 🛒

DeepL Doc Translator provides a limited number of free docs translations per day, you can purchase their pro license to increase this limit.

❗ Important Notice: This addon only provides settings to use third-party auto-translation widgets and services(Yandex, Google, DeepL, etc.), it does not provide any translation service. So we don’t guarantee 100% correctness, please check all translated text carefully before making it live on your production site. If any auto-translate provider stops providing auto-translation widgets or services in the future, in that case, the plugin will not support that translation provider.

🎬 Unlimited Translations(no API) – Pro Version Video


“Many people make the mistake of saving money by wasting time.”

In addition to its efficiency and ease of use, the Automatic Translate Addon also provides high-quality translations. Machine translation technology is constantly improving and is able to provide accurate translations for the most common use cases. This makes it a reliable solution for website owners who need to translate their content quickly, without sacrificing quality.

Important Notice:- This plugin works as an auto-translate addon for the Loco Translate official plugin latest version(2.4.4 or higher).


This plugin is not developed by or affiliated with the “Loco Translate” official plugin. It is a third-party addon that provides automatic machine translations to quickly translate your theme or plugin language files.

We( only manage (addon website), Automatic Translate Addon For Loco Translate(free plugin) and its premium version. Cool Plugins is a team of experienced WordPress plugin developers.

  • 7+ years of WordPress plugin development experience.
  • 20+ free and premium WordPress plugins released.
  • 400000+ plugin downloads.
  • 70K+ active websites are using our plugins.

We provide cool solutions to remove famous plugin limitations!


Special thanks to famous Loco Translate plugin author Tim Whitlock for creating an awesome plugin for translations and also thanks to Yandex for providing a translate widget for websites.

All automatic translations will be machine translations, powered by third-party auto-translate providers(Google, Yandex, or DeepL), so we don’t guarantee 100% correctness, please check all translated text carefully before making it live on your production site.



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