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Overall, Beaver Builder is a powerful and versatile website builder that can be used by web design agencies to create high-quality websites quickly and easily.


You run an agency. Stop wasting time trying all the shiny new things. Now you can relax knowing your client sites are built using a trusted page builder and backed by amazing support.

Launch Websites Fast

Create high-quality sites quickly and easily; tackle more projects.

Build Any Type Of Site

Integrate your clients’ sites with your favorite third party plugins.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Unleash your creativity with our premium modules and templates.

Boost Brand Recognition

White label Beaver Builder with either the Agency or Ultimate plan.

Design Custom Sites

Easily create custom page layouts that WOW your clients.

Unlimited Website Design

Take on more clients, deliver projects faster, increase revenue.

No Code Design


Beaver Builder’s no-code visual builder is a powerful tool that allows web design agencies to create beautiful and professional websites without any coding experience.

The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to add and arrange content, and the wide range of modules and templates gives you the freedom to create any type of site.

Website Templates


With Beaver Builder’s selection of WordPress templates, you can save time and deliver unique websites that your clients will love.

Our templates are designed to be customized, so you can easily change the colors, fonts, and layout to create a website that reflects your client’s brand. Simply choose a template, customize it to your liking, and then click Publish. You can even save your designs for reuse on future pages or websites.



We’re here to help you build websites with Beaver Builder that your clients will love. We offer a variety of resources to support you, including free online courses, video tutorials, an extensive knowledgebase, and a friendly and helpful support team.

There is also a huge colony (yeah, that’s the term for a group of beavers) of “Beaver Builders” that would love to get to know you. Find them on our community forum, Facebook group, and Slack channel.


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