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Better Search Replace (BSR) Pro is a time-saving migration plugin that makes moving WordPress easy.

Migrations made simple

Better Search Replace (BSR) Pro is a time-saving migration plugin that makes moving WordPress easy. Migrating a database shouldn’t be a pain and this plugin was designed to make it easier to move your database.

BSR Pro makes it incredibly easy to backup, import, and migrate your database between WordPress installs. The plugin was designed from the ground up to work out of the box, so you can get back to doing things that matter.

View the exact changes that will be made during a search/replace in easy-to-read diffs. BSR Pro displays the exact row and column numbers for any changes that are found in a search/replace so you always know exactly what you’re doing.

Save unlimited search/replace profiles to save even more time when migrating your database. These profiles can be used to run another search/replace, or to run a search/replace on a backup file or during an import for lightning fast migrations.

Feature Overview

  • Better Search Replace ProView exactly what changed during a search/replace
  • Better Search Replace ProSave unlimited search/replace profiles for later use
  • Better Search Replace ProDownload a database backup with optional URL replacements
  • Better Search Replace ProImport your database while running a search/replace
  • Better Search Replace ProImports first run on temporary tables to improve reliability
  • Better Search Replace ProUnlimited development domains (such as localhost)
  • Better Search Replace ProPriority email support and updates for 1 year
  • Better Search Replace ProExtensive documentation on the entire plugin
  • Better Search Replace ProBacked by a 30 day money-back guarantee

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