Bookly Compound Services (Add-on)


With the Bookly Compound Services (Add-on), you can combine existing services with spare time to create a separate complex service that clients can book a complete appointment with multiple services as any regular appointment. Each service included in the compound appointment will be performed by a relevant staff member who will only be reserved for their part of the service.

For example, you offer a compound service called ‘Physical Therapy’ that consists of two simple services performed in sequence – ‘Preparation’ which takes 30 minutes, and ‘Procedure’ which takes 1 hour. Each of these services is assigned to a different staff member. With Bookly Compound Services (Add-on), your clients can book this entire 1 hour 30 minutes service as a single appointment. However, on the Bookly Calendar and in the Appointments list, each simple service and staff member will be recorded separately as individual appointments.


  • Bundle existing services into one complex service that will create a bookable sequence
  • Include spare time between appointments that can be used for other bookings
  • Use staff working hours efficiently: each employee is only booked for their part of the appointment
  • Enable the same staff member for all simple services included in a complex appointment

In the same way as all Bookly add-ons, the compound services feature seamlessly integrates with the Bookly PRO Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software System – the setup takes only a few minutes.

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