Bookly Customer Information (Add-on)


Need specific fields or records on a client profile in Bookly? Bookly Customer Information (Add-on) allows you to create multiple custom fields of different types that will appear on the Details step of the booking form. Once a booking is complete, the custom information entered by the client will be added to their profile in Bookly for future reference.


  • Create as many custom fields as you need
  • Add different question types: text, checkbox, drop-down, radio button
  • Make fields required or optional
  • Choose how often you want to show custom fields to a client – once or every time during the next booking
  • Update customer information on a client profile if needed

In the same way as all Bookly add-ons, the customer information feature seamlessly integrates with the Bookly PRO Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software System – the setup takes only a few minutes.

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