Bookly Special Hours (Add-on)


Do you want to offer flexible pricing options for your services? With the Bookly Special Hours (Add-on), you can easily set up dynamic pricing based on the time of day or day of the week. For example, you can offer discounted rates for morning appointments or increase prices for evening or weekend bookings. This allows you to tailor your pricing to the needs of your business and customers, and can help you maximize your revenue while also attracting and retaining clients.


  • Tweak the service price for selected hours
  • Choose the days of the week when you want to offer different price
  • Set special hours for each employee and service separately
  • Highlight special hours in the booking form to suggest booking at a cheaper price

In the same way as all Bookly add-ons, the special hours feature seamlessly integrates with the Bookly PRO Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software System – the setup takes only a few minutes.

Read how to set up and use the Bookly Special Hours (Add-on) in our detailed documentation.

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