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Borlabs Cache is – IMHO – the most flexible and powerful cache plugin available for WordPress. It comes with many features which are well documented and boosted my WordPress sites. As everybody knows: speed is also an important SEO factor. It’s suitable for all kind of users – from novice to expert.

WordPress Caching Plugin – Top Features


Just activate Borlabs Cache and the speed of your website will increase immediately. Choose from our cache templates e.g. E-Commerce, and Borlabs Cache is automatically optimized for your online store.


All your pages will be cached and saved in milliseconds. Fast loading pages are essential for improving your search engine optimization. Our cache preloader ensures that your content is always up to date and your website is loaded super fast.


Merges JavaScript and CSS to single files and sends them compressed to your visitors. Removes the unnecessary whitespace and HTML comments in your page and optimizes the embedding of Google Fonts. This reduces the size and loading time of your website.


Allows you to execute PHP code or dynamic content in cached pages. Useful when displaying banners, shopping baskets or other information that is constantly changing.


Get information about your pages in the cache, simply exclude pages from the cache or delete them from the cache.


Set individual cache lifetimes for posts and archives per post type.

ll Features

  • Cache exceptions
  • Cache preloading
  • Cache templates
  • Cache of all pages and post types
  • CDN support
  • Cron service
  • Database optimization
  • Defer JavaScript
  • DNS-Prefetching
  • Fragment caching
  • Header management (Cache-Control, Etag, Last-Modified, etc.)
  • Import & export
  • Indiviual cache lifetimes
  • Lazy Load of images
  • Merge, minify, and compress CSS
  • Merge, minify, and compress JavaScript
  • Optimize Google Fonts embedding
  • Page compression
  • Premium support
  • Relocate JavaScript to footer
  • Remove HTML comments
  • Remove whitespace
  • Search result caching
  • Security header (Content Security Policy, HSTS, XSS-Protection, etc.)
  • Smart cache refreshing
  • Statistics
  • Third-party meta-generator remover
  • View cache
  • WordPress head cleaner (Emojis, Feeds, Meta-Generator, etc.)

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