Bot for Telegram on WooCommerce PRO


New Update! Added Telegram Login Widget

Bot for Telegram on WooCommerce PRO - 1

Add Telegram login widget!!! Now you can combine customers from Telegram bot and from the website. Add Telegram login widget to WordPress, WooCommerce login form or via shortcode to the custom page

Telegram Web Apps

Add any buttons and link them to any pages on your site

Bot for Telegram on WooCommerce PRO - 2

Bot for Telegram on WooCommerce PRO

Many sites on WordPress use eCommerce with WooCommerce. Nowadays we have a lot of trading platforms apart from WebSite. And one of them is Telegram, currently growing into powerful chat system with channels and automatic notices from bots.

This plugin will give you an opportunity to sell products via Telegram. All you need is to create bot and add it in the Telegram bot settings page.

Supported product types:

  • Simple
  • Grouped
  • Affiliate
  • Variable

Demo bot


Video Demo


  • Automatic registration with phone number
  • Synchronized cart between Telegram and WooCommerce
  • Product catalog based on WP Rest API
  • Native integration in WooCommerce settings with option to translate Telegram buttons from WordPress admin dashboard
  • Automatic notice on order status change
  • WooCommerce categories
  • Fast Checkout
  • My account section
  • My orders section
  • Order notifications on status changed
  • Sending notices to all users of the bot
  • Search by products
  • Select categories to show in the bot


Video Instruction

More information


1.1.2. 28 December 22
- Added address from location to the order info

1.1.1. 04 December 22
- Fixed stock managing in variable products
- Bug fixes

1.1.0. 20 June 22
- New!!! Added Web App URL settings to custom keyboard
- Added purchase checker
- Updated vue.js version
- Bug fixes

1.0.6. 9 January 22
- Added the ability to block user
- Added the ability to replace the redirect to the cart page instead of the checkout page
- Added option to display categories in hierarchy
- Added option to show all products, including out of stock products
- Added option to request user location for every order
- Added Openstreetmap API, you can get user location without Google Maps API key
- Fixed "button does not work if there is a space at the end of the word" 

1.0.5. 6 November 21
- Added the ability to specify a delivery address
- Added Google Maps API key setting
- Added Russian and Persian translations
- Fixed new user notification

1.0.4. 13 September 21
- Added categories keyboard builder
- Added new settings page

1.0.3. 1 August 21
- Checkout in telegram (without redirect to the website)
- Custom Buttons

1.0.2. 22 July 21
- Search products
- Sending newsletters to new users

1.0.1. 13 June 21
- Added setting for selecting categories to display in the bot

1.0.0. 1 May 21
- Release

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