BuddyPress Avatar Moderator


Comprehensive moderation tool for user profile photo uploads, group photos. Build a better managed BuddyPress community by moderating/regulating user profile photo uploads as well as group display photos.

Take Control of which type of avatars you want to moderate.

  • You can moderate BuddyPress user profile photos uploads.
  • You can moderate BuddyPress group photos uploads.
  • You can enable moderation for both user profile photos & groups or be selective.

Simple & clean interface for moderating user profile photos.

Simple & intuitive interface.

  • Access it from Dashboard->Avatar Mod->Users.
  • Easily approve/reject in one click.
  • Bulk approve/reject in one click too.

Effortlessly moderate group display photos.

It is easy.

  • Access it from Dashboard->Avatar Mod->Groups.
  • Easily approve/reject in one click.
  • Bulk approve/reject in one click too.

Highly flexible easily customizable notifications control.

Admin notification

Sends site admin email notification on new profile photo or group photo uploads.

User Notifications

Send email and/or use BuddyPress notifications for the approval/rejection.

Group Notifications

Group admin can be notified by email, BuddyPress notifications of the approval or rejection.

Customizable messages

Email subject & message can be customized from the settings page for each of the action.

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