BuddyPress Editable Activity


BuddyPress Editable Activity plugin allows users on BuddyPress based social network to edit their activity or activity comment easily.

It allows in place editing of the activity/comments by the user.


  • Users can edit their own activity
  • Users Can edit their own comment
  • Site Admins can edit all activity & comment from front end
  • Site admin can control the time duration and what can be edited
  • Works with all Themes
  • Responsive
  • Allows visual editing of content(Added in 1.3.0)

Installation & Usage:-

  • Install the plugin. Please follow this tutorial
  • You can either network activate or just activate on the main site( In case of multisite ), just activate as normal plugin on non multisite WordPress site
  • You can View the plugin options from Dashboard->Settings->BP Editable Activity as shown below


You can control the time duration and other settings from this page as shown below:-

BuddyPress Editable Activity

Editable Activity Admin Settings

Note: If you put the time duration as zero(0), It means there is no time limit on editing the activity/comment.

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