BuddyPress Moderation Tools


The BuddyPress Moderation Tools plugin adds a Report Abuse functionality to your BuddyPress based social network. The plugin is a set of tools that offers BuddyPress community moderation for groups, topics, activities, posts, replies, users.

The integration works and requires the BuddyBoss Platform installed and activated on your website.

BuddyBoss Platform is a fork and forge of the BuddyPress plugin and bbPress plugin. Any plugin developed for the BuddyPress and bbPress plugin is supported by the BuddyBoss Platform.

You do NOT need to install the BuddyPress plugin or the bbPress plugin separately. BuddyBoss Platform acts as a replacement for both the plugins.

Keep your Community safe and meaningful.

With BuddyPress Report Abuse & Moderation features.

  • Let your members assist you in making a better community.
  • Keep your community safe and orderly.
  • Community Moderation gives your community a sense of authenticity and tools against the trolls.

Enterprise level workflow features.

  • Configurable admin email notifications on reported content.
  • Configurable admin email notifications on content hiding.
  • Configurable user email on their content hiding.
  • Configurable user email on their content restoration.
  • Configurable user email on their content deletion.
  • Option to keep log/history of all the moderation activities(including the decision on content and who restored,deleted etc).

Easy to use comprehensive admin panel.

Moderation Queue

View all reported items. Filter by hidden or non hidden state. Filter by reported content content type.

One click actions

View all reports for the item, delete reports, restore item, delete item, overview of the item and related reporting activities all in one click.

Historic Log

Need to keep record? You can configure to keep a record of all the moderation activities.


Create moderation/report abuse categories. Let your reports be categorized.

Take control of the report form.

  • You can Configure which form fields should be shown.
  • You can configure which form fields are required.
  • You can configure who can see the report button and who can report.

Moderate users.

  • Enable/Disable moderation/report abuse for users.
  • Hide users on reaching threshold.
  • Optionally, Automatic logout and block login on reaching threshold.
  • Limit user capabilities(if not blocked from login), restrict from posting updates, replies, messages.
  • Show notices.
  • Email workflow for the blocked user/admin on report, hiding, restoration and account deletion.


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