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Are you looking for a solution to accumulate user votes for the posts, pages, or custom post-type items? Then, Pro Voting Manager is the ultimate solution that will accommodate you with all the options to add a custom voting box to your WordPress-powered website.

The voting manager plugin offers both likes and dislikes vote collection options. Additionally, it brings feedback submission opportunities for the disliked votes. That gives the site owners a powerful tool to receive the user views and improve the post content based on their feedback. The plugin has a built-in custom widget feature to display the most liked & disliked voted posts in the sidebar area of any site.

Get detailed information on every single post-vote from the plugin report panel, and you can also download the report in CSV format. Also, this plugin has an extended options panel with beneficial customization options, which allows site owners to personalize voting box layouts according to their specifications. Nevertheless, the plugin is user-friendly and can work perfectly with any website without troubling site performance.

Key Features of Pro Voting Manager

Zero Configuration Requirement:

Pro Voting Manager WordPress plugin requires nearly zero coding expertise. For that reason, after successfully installing the plugin, it will automatically append a voting box just below every single post on your site.

Responsive Voting Box:

Plugin provides a custom responsive voting box to collect user votes. The voting box automatically resizes its voting button according to screen size. Also, user can easily submit their votes from their mobile screens very easily.

Like/Dislike Voting Option for Single Post:

Plugin automatically sets a voting box below your post detail content. You do not need to add any custom shortcode to post. You can also define the location (before post content/after post content) from the admin panel. You can disable the dislike button from the option panel if you want to collect only like votes.

Feedback Form For Dislike Votes:

Feedback form renders an excellent approach to collecting instant user remarks and allows site owners to update post contents accordingly. After successfully submitting a message, the plugin will automatically forward the feedback to the admin. From the plugin settings panel, you can update the admin user email address and disable the notification feature.

Custom Columns For Votes:

The Voting manager plugin automatically adds four custom columns for each post type. That lets you check and get an overview of the number of like and dislike votes. Also, you can check if any feedback message is submitted for a particular post or not by the users. Apart from that, the voting status column mentions every post-voting box display condition, whether it is active or hidden.

Support Custom Post Types:

Plugin support any custom post type including WooCommerce to collect votes for its post content. You can enable/disable custom post type voting support from option panel. It’s super easy and user friendly.

Ajax Powered Voting System With Colorful & Animated Result Bar:

No more reloading for collect votes. Just a simple click and plugin collect user like/dislike vote. User can see live voting result in to colorful animated. You can customize voting result bar from plugin option panel.

Font-awesome voting icons with Custom Icon Upload System:

Plugin provide 6 custom font-awesome icons for like/dislike button. Also, plugin gives you the option to upload custom image icon for like/dislike vote buttons. So, you’ve full freedom to upload your own icons.

Custom Share Buttons:

Plugin allows users to share posts in to social sites after submit like vote. This way you can get more visitors/voters for your site. You can enable/disable share option from plugin option panel.

Voting Start & End Date Option:

Want to set voting limit for a post? Plugin gives you that powerful option to handle time limit for vote submission. You can set custom time limit for individual post.

Quick & Bulk Edit Option to Reset Vote Counter:

Using quick and bulk edit you can easily reset old vote counts. You can reset single post votes using quick edit and bulk edit allows you to reset multiple post vote counts.

Extensive Option Panel for Customization:

You can customize everything regarding voting plugin from option panel. It provide every customization options. Like- Enable/disable voting box for custom post types, Set custom themes for voting icons and boxes, customize voting box tooltip colors, enable/disable IP filtering, enable/disable user role based voting options, add custom CSS codes and enable/disable automatic update notification feature.

IP Filtering/Maximum Votes/user role based voting Option:

Plugin collect votes based on user IP address. So, by default user can submit only one vote from one IP address. But you can set custom limit for number of votes from same IP address. Also, set time limit for maximum repeat votes. You can also define the user roles, who only allowed for submit votes. It’s a unique and powerful feature of voting plugin. Plugin support custom roles generated by Membership plugins.

Custom CSS Code Insertion Panel:

If you need to add custom CSS code, you don’t need to add code directly to Plugin core stylesheet file. Plugin provide custom CSS editor in option panel, where you can easily add your custom CSS codes and it will store in Database. So, for future updates you will never lose your custom codes. It’s safe and the best way to add custom CSS code in to a plugin.

Visual Shortcode Editor:

Plugin comes with TinyMCE integrated visual shortcode editor. Using shortcode editor, you can easily integrate voting panel anywhere of your website. Available shortcodes listed in below-

  • Display Voting Box: [bwl_pvm/]
  • Display Voting Box with animated progress bar: [bwl_pvm animation=1/]
  • Display Voting Results(Display Both Like/Dislike Counter): [bpvm_results/]
  • Hide Like Voting Results: [bpvm_results show_like=0/]
  • Hide Dislike Voting Results: [bpvm_results show_dislike=0/]
  • Display 5 top liked post of last 1 day :
  • Display 5 top liked post of last 7 days :
  • Display 5 top liked post of last 30 days :
  • Display 5 top liked post of custom date interval :
  • Display 5 top disliked post of last 1 day :
  • Display 5 top disliked post of last 7 days :
  • Display 5 top disliked post of last 30 days : [bpvm_filter order_type=’disliked’ limit=5 date_filter=1 interval=’1 month’ /]
  • Display 5 top disliked post of custom date interval :
  • Custom Posts Lists for submit vote :

Built-in Widget to Display Top liked/disliked posts:

Plugin comes with built-in widget feature that allows you to display Top Up Voted and Top Down Voted posts in sidebar. Go to Appearance >> Widgets. You will find a widget box titled by BWL Voting Manager Widget. Drag and drop it in your right side widget container. Remember, for using this feature your theme must support widget option.

RTL Support:

Plugin provide awesome support for Arabic language. You just need to turn on RTL support option from admin panel, plugin automatically adjust its content to right side.

Ready For Localization:

Plugin provide awesome support for Arabic language. You just need to turn on RTL support option from admin panel, plugin automatically take care rest of the things.

Tested Up to Latest WordPress Version

We always keep our plugin up to date. So, we can make sure plugin always work with latest WordPress version and If you got any issue just let us know, we will deal with that.

Automatic Update Notification:

When we released new version plugin will display an update notification message in your site admin area. We also provide details change log information with update notification.

6 months Premium Support:

Plugin comes with 6 month premium support directly from the developer and life time free update feature. I?m always here to provide quality support for the buyers.

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For full change log information about the plugin, please check this link.

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