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CheckoutWC is a plugin for WooCommerce that aligns the best features of Shopify with the best features of WooCommerce. Enhance your cart and checkout and .

Why Choose CheckoutWC?

If you are using the default WooCommerce checkout page, you could be losing 30% of your customers. CheckoutWC helps you stand out and build

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The best SaaS features
with the best of WooCommerce

You shouldn’t have to compromise. We provide the simplicity of Shopify with the power of WooCommerce.

Applied research.
Best practices.

Designed to convert more customers using the best available user testing and e-commerce research.

Sensible defaults.
Endless possibilities.

We pick the best options for most stores out of the box while keeping you in the driver’s seat. Our thoughtful options and developer API give you limitless options.

We’ve Got You Covered

Streamline and optimize the checkout process for your customers.
From adding items to the side cart via ajax, all they way through checkout.

CheckoutWC is Very Customizable
AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3

Customizable Checkout Templates

Don’t waste your time with page builders – our templates are ready to deploy in minutes.

  1. Choose from 5 Modern Templates.
  2. Customize logos, fonts, and colors
  3. All templates are optimized for mobile
CheckoutWC Flyout Cart Illustration

A Built In Side Cart

Keep your customers focused on their buying journey with a quick and effective side cart. This is a replacement for the normal cart page that streamlines the connection between adding an item to the cart and heading to checkout.

Position the floating side cart button wherever you need it.

  1. Free shipping progress bar (optional)
  2. Make changes right from the Side Cart
  3. Use Order Bumps to increase the average order values.
  4. Apply discount codes directly in the cart. (optional)
CheckoutWC Supports Express Payments

Express Checkout Buttons

Get your customers to the finish line faster with Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and Amazon Pay options.

Checkout for WooCommerce Plugin

Order Bumps That Convert

Boost your average order value up to 12% with targeted Order Bumps. Special offers can be shown conditionally based on other products or product categories of items in the cart, or for all products. You can also offer a flat or percentage discount on the offered item.

WooCommerce Subscription Support

Support for WooCommerce Subscriptions!

More and more businesses are growing their recurring revenue with subscriptions. CheckoutWC fully supports WooCommerce Subscriptions, as well as many popular add-ons like All Products for WooCommerce Subscriptions.

Checkout for WooCommerce Plugin

Support Different Product Types & Delivery Methods

Sell digital and/or shipped products? CheckoutWC will adapt to what is in the cart and show only the required fields and steps to complete the order.

Want to offer Local Pickup? Set pickup locations and allow customers to choose between picking up or shipping the order.

Checkout for WooCommerce Plugin

Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails

CheckoutWC 8.0 adds the Abandoned Cart Recovery feature. Designed to help WooCommerce store owners recover lost sales, this feature sends customizable email reminders to customers who have abandoned their cart, offering them incentives like discounts or free shipping to encourage them to complete their purchase. Not only does this feature help increase sales and revenue, but it also improves customer retention and satisfaction.

Checkout for WooCommerce Plugin

Post Purchase Upsells

Order bumps have a new location option – After Checkout Submit Modal

This is a great way to grow your Average Order Value (AOV) with last minute offers.

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