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What is Citadela Listing Plugin?

Citadela Listing plugin brings features for business directory website built on WordPress. It is determined for enhancing a website for the business, blogging, or non-profit organization. Also, you can use it to make a classic directory business website. There is no limit.

We released the Citadela block theme and Listing, Blocks and Pro plugins for Gutenberg at the end of September 2019. Since then, it has been under development.

Why choose Citadela solution?

Built only for Gutenberg editor makes it as the clear and well-functioning solution. It is block-based, and therefore you have many options, and you can easily drag and drop parts when editing your website.

We created the Citadela Listing plugin to help organize and present structured data on any website. Structured data can be anything from the list of company branches or the realized products and services portfolio. Things tourists can do around your accommodation service or show the list of training and certificates you have accomplished, points of interest and so on.

What kind of website can use listing features?

Listing portal

Citadela can help you build a robust website on Gutenberg editor that will run for many years. It uses all advantages of WordPress, and the website loads faster than any other directory theme or plugin.

You can create a listing portal from scratch or use one of our pre-made layouts for that purpose. The website is ready quicker when using the layout. You don’t need to spend time with customization. You can focus on entering content.

Citadela theme and plugins are built on pure WordPress, which gives you another massive advantage because you can use 3rd party plugins to import bulk data.

Non-listing portal

Citadela Listing plugin has many features that help improve your website content on any topic. It is the ideal tool for all business websites, portals on a niche market, or extends a blogging site with the helpful information in the structured display. The plugin opens the door to new content opportunities. You can overtake your competitors with this easy-to-use tool.

Ways for content monetization

If you have a content website with a different goal than just presenting the company, you are always keen to monetize the information on your website.

There are many ways how you can create your marketing strategy. The Paywall is one of the latest ways how to earn money on an online project. People are willing to pay for quality content instead then watching no-telling ads. With Citadela Listing plugin you can sell your content. Please read more about Paywall feature in WordPress.

Where do you find subpages for the directory functionality?

Citadela Listing plugin settings page

The first thing you’ll notice after installing the plugin is that there is a new settings page called Citadela Listing in the sidebar (on your left-hand side in wp-admin). Here you can set up Google Maps API key integrations and insert the generated keys for Google reCaptcha v3 to eliminate spam on your site.

There are different tabs where you allow features like Subscriptions, Items Claiming, Reviews, Extensions. Also, you can turn on the Easy Admin feature for item owners for a user-friendly environment.

Item Details tab lets you turn on Gutenberg editor while editing each item. Another input is for setting the slug. Instead of the word “ïtem” you can use what do you need.

Custom post type: Items

Items is the custom type that Citadela Listing plugin adds into the administration. There are following fields in its submenu:

  • All Items – it is the place where you see all items
  • Add New (Item) – fill the information for a new item
  • Item Categories – add and edit individual categories for items
  • Item Locations – add and edit item locations

Citadela Directory blocks that can be placed anywhere

In the current version of the Citadela Listing plugin, there are 7 universal directory blocks available. Their variability lies in the fact that you can insert them anywhere on the page – into Posts, Pages, as well as into particular pages created by the plugin itself.

These are the following directory blocks:

  • Listing Map – Displays items on the map according to selected parameters
  • Listing Search Form – A block through which users search for items
  • Listing Categories List – Displays a list of categories by certain parameters
  • Listing Locations List – Displays locations by certain parameters
  • Listing Items List – Displays items according to filter selected by the user
  • Listing Map (for posts) – Displays posts on the map according to selected parameters
  • Posts Search Form – A block that allows users to search for posts

Custom type: Special Pages

WordPress itself and the Citadela Listing plugin operate in the way of generating some pages automatically. The Special Pages section is a separate part for editing just these generated Pages. You can find it directly in the left sidebar. There is a list of all Pages. You can edit each of them in Gutenberg editor. It means you can globally set up which blocks will be displayed on each site for Item detail presentation or on the page as search results while a user is looking for information.

Lisiting portal creator - Special Pages

These are the following special pages:

  • Item Detail page
  • Listing Search Results page
  • Listing Category page
  • Listing Location page
  • Blog Page
  • Posts Search Results page
  • Posts Category page
  • Posts Tag page
  • Posts Date page
  • Posts Author page
  • Default Search Results page
  • 404 Page

What are special pages used for?

Special pages can be used to create a structure and layout of the page. That means you can set which blocks will be on a certain page as well as where they’ll be placed. You can also reorder the blocks, move them around the page, sort them to columns or completely change the default layout.

At the same time you can remove a block that you don’t currently need and add it back later. This is the biggest advantages of block theme and plugins like Citadela.

How to order blocks in WordPress listing detail

Automatically extracted data

Special pages are also characterized by the fact that they automatically pull a certain type of data onto the page – search results, items, categories, or locations. Web visitor gets to the special page by searching for an item, category or location and clicking on results. So, keep in mind that anything you add to special pages will appear on all other related pages with this data.

Since Special Pages are automatically generated by Citadela Listing plugin and WordPress itself, they cannot be deleted.

Citadela Directory Blocks for Special Pages

Each special page has different directory blocks. The biggest advantage is the flexibility of their arrangement. You can choose the blocks you need and display them on the page or reorder them to achieve a completely different layout of your page. For example, you can arrange blocks into columns or insert other WordPress core blocks in between them; or even add Citadela Directory blocks that can be inserted anywhere (blocks from section 3 above).

As mentioned above, different blocks are available for each Special Page. But don’t worry. You don’t need to search for them precisely, because only specific blocks are displayed on a particular Special Page.

Listing Blocks in Gutenberg WordPress Editor Citadela Theme

Meet the special Citadela Directory blocks

Special blocks available for Directory Search Results page only

  • Automatic Map
  • Directory Search Results

Special blocks available for Item Detail page only

(that extract data from Item Custom type)

  • Item Featured Image
  • Automatic Listing Map
  • Item Content
  • Item Contact Details
  • Item Contact Form
  • Item Opening Hours

Special blocks available for Item Category page only

  • Automatic Listing Map
  • Listing Search Results
  • Listing Subcategories List
  • Listing Search Form

Special blocks available for Item Location page only

  • Automatic Listing Map
  • Listing Sublocations List
  • Listing Search Results
  • Listing Search Form

Special blocks available for Posts Search Results page only

  • Automatic Listing Map (for posts)
  • Posts Search Form
  • Post Search Results

The primary sense for all other pages in the Special Pages section is their possibility of customization. You can place standard listing blocks and, of course, other blocks, too. Otherwise, you would have to change the code to change the look.

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