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Unique WordPress Sidebars For Every Page

Content Aware Sidebars is the best WordPress Sidebar Plugin. Create new conditional widget areas in seconds.

Sidebars For Different Pages

Dynamic, tailored widget areas and footers.

Do you want to display a sidebar on specific posts, pages, custom post types, or taxonomy archives? How about on posts:

  • with select Categories or Tags?
  • from a given Month or Date?
  • … and written by a featured Author?

Then you will love Content Aware Sidebars.

Content Aware Sidebars has the most Display Conditions

Unlimited WordPress Sidebars

Create, activate, and just add Widgets.

Add as many custom sidebars and widget areas you want, and display them on as many different conditions you want.

It only takes a few clicks in the user friendly sidebar manager, and we promise you never have to write a single line of code.

Screenshot of Sidebar Manager

Make your widget areas sticky with the click of a button. Just like this.

Display Widgets In Columns PRO

No-bloat Widget Area Designer.

Create beautiful designs for any widget area and display widgets in up to 12 responsive columns.

By utilizing highly optimized CSS on demand, Content Aware Sidebars will make sure your WordPress sidebars look amazing in all modern browsers.

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Screenshot of Widget Area Designer

Infuse Sidebars Into Themes PRO

Display widget areas in WordPress hooks.

Content Aware Sidebars is the first plugin to let you insert new widget areas into theme locations previously not possible!

You can replace theme sidebars, use sidebar shortcodes, and now also add widget areas above or below the content, above or below the footer, or in any theme hook.

Screenshot of Widget Area in Theme Hook

Automatic Widgets Backup PRO

Manage and edit your widgets worry-free.

Can you imagine deleting an important widget by accident? You can now go back in time and instantly restore it; no need to manually download a backup first!

Content Aware Sidebars also adds a timeline of all widget edits, so you can compare widget revisions side-by-side.

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Screenshot of widget revisions

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