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Divi Form Builder lets you build beautiful forms for your website in the Divi Builder without any coding skills. From simple contact forms to complex frontend post or product creation with ACF, Divi Form Builder has you covered.


Experience unprecedented control and depth over your forms with our innovative Divi Form AI feature.

We’ve harnessed the power of OpenAI’s GPT API to bring you the first Divi form plugin that integrates ChatGPT, taking your Divi forms to the next level with AI.

Divi Form AI is not just another gimmick that generates on-page content like blog posts, it goes so much deeper by offering your visitors an experience that both feels and is the future of website interaction.

To demonstrate this, we have built 5 demos for you to truly experience the power of Divi Form AI.

Check out these amazing features:

OpenAI API integration

Use your own OpenAI key to use as many tokens as you’d like and offer your visitors a more engaging experience.

Multiple Preloader Styles

There are multiple preloader styles to show your users ChatGPT is thinking. We also have an awesome text terminal style that will make users feel like they are living in the future.

Form Spend Limits

See how much each form is costing you and decide what happens when spend limits are reached.

Custom AI Personas

Give your AI a taste of personality which helps you get more personal responses by giving ChatGPT context and a specified field of expertise.

Custom Prompts

Build vanilla AI prompts, or take it a step further by including form input from your users to personalize things more.

& much more!

These are only a few of the features you can expect form Divi Form AI.

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