Dokan – WooCommerce Booking Integration


Dokan WooCommerce Booking module enables vendors to create bookable products, and customers to customize bookings

This awesome module allows vendors to create bookable products, and customers to customize their booking orders. Create car rentals, appointment-based service marketplaces, etc. with this easily.

Multiple Time Blocks

With this, you will get to use multiple time blocks for bookable products. It is highly likely to enhance the possibilities of sales.

Tags and Categories

Using this module you can use tags and categories like regular products. It will help you to manage the products easily.

Buffer Time Between

Bookable products need some break in between. With this tool, you can have a buffer time from the finishing of one event to the start of another.

Guest Limits and Resources
to Bookings

By using this tool you can set limits of the maximum number of guests and resources to bookings. It helps the organizers maintain their comfort zones.

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