EventOn Event Seats Add-on


The Seats addon for EventON allows you to convert your event tickets into interactive, handpicked seats from a map of seats. All license types are billed yearly. You may cancel your subscription at any time from My Account and are subject to yearly license for support and updates.

Buy Tickets from a Seat Map

Create an amazing seat map resembling your seating arrangement to allow your customers to purchase tickets where they want to sit.

EventOn Event Seats Add-on

Interactive Seat Map

Create an interactive seat map for your event, directly on the eventcard. Seat map is integrated with EventON Tickets addon to allow smooth checking out of event tickets.

Preview Seats

Click a seat to preview the seat price. Then decide to add to the cart and checkout or browse other seats.

EventOn Event Seats Add-on

Use Your Own Background

Upload a background designs to add interactive seats and position them based on the background.

EventOn Event Seats Add-on

Lightbox Driven Seat Map

You can show the seat map within the EventCard or have it popup in a clean on-focus lightbox with more space and less distractions.

EventOn Event Seats Add-on

Booths (Beta)

In version 1.2 we introduced Booths, which can be used to display trade show style vendors or cabins or food cart vendors etc. Booths are in Beta version and we hope to improve this more in the future 🙂

EventOn Event Seats Add-on

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