EventOn Slider Addon


This events plugin is third-party addon and it’s not developed by the author of EventOn plugin.

A set of sliders and carousels to show EventOn events in new awesome ways. EventON plugin is required.

EventOn Slider Addon | Events - 1


  • Show your custom fields in sliders, carousels, and event cards
  • Show only featured events or show all not featured events
  • Import / export EventON and EventOn Slider Addon translations. English and italian translations included
  • Set slider animation: slide or fade
  • Set slider move, number of events moved when slider scroll to next events
  • Popup box over overflow texts for show the full text
  • Not minified size are 100KB of CSS and 50KB of JavaScript, minify css and js reduce size of about 30%
  • Button to show a all events list into a nice scrollable box


== V 3.0.2 ==
BUG:  Fixed bug related to lightbox opening

== V 3.0.1 ==
BUG:  Fixed admin bug that block the events date update

== V 3 ==
BUG: Admin select inputs design fix
BUG: Infinite loading on mobile for Aveda theme for carousels

== V 2.9.0 ==
NEW: Calendar filter for isotope
NEW: Events label support
BUG: Various bug fixes

== V 2.8.1 ==
BUG FIX: Incorporated Single Event Addon compatibility
BUG FIX: EventOn Addons now are fully compatible

== V 2.8 ==
BUG FIX: Address bug fix
NEW: Support for coordinates

== V 2.7 ==
NEW: Added support for required Google Maps API Key
NEW: Added support section in administration area

== V 2.6 ==
NEW: Cancelled events support
BUG FIX: minor bugs fix

== V 2.5 ==
NEW: Cumulative categories selection
BUG FIX: repeating events

== V 2.4 ==
Full support of repeating events

== V 2.3 ==
BUG FIX: Load more masonry and events number
BUG FIX: Date format
BUG FIX: Others minor bugs

== V 2.2 ==
NEW: Filter by today, this week, this month
BUG FIX: Load masonry script and css
BUG FIX: Some minor bugs solved

== V 2.1 ==
NEW: Cover image zoom animation
NEW: Read more button support
BUG FIX: Fixed some minor bug

== V 2 ==
NEW: Masonry type with categories, all features of sliders work also for masonry.
PERFORMANCE: Selective script and style loading, plugin css and js files are loaded only on pages where plugin is executed. Async loading on footer for faster page load time.
BUG FIX: Event card description now is wordpress render
BUG FIX: Ticket Addon links
BUG FIX: Solved some generic bug

== V 1.4 ==
NEW: extra fields support, show extra fields for event card, carousels, sliders
BUG FIX: correct date format for classic slider style b
BUG FIX: removed blurred effect

== V 1.3 ==
NEW: set cover image: default featured image, organizer image, location image
NEW: admin area updated, now with advanced options section
BUG FIX: Stronger CSS for avoid theme and external css overwrite

== V 1.2 ==
NEW: show only featured events or show all not featured events
NEW: custom event link, set custom link for every event
BUG FIX: original Lightbox and Original dropdown box height

== V 1.1 ==
NEW: 100% compatibility with ADDONS by load original Event Card
NEW: Set open type event also for card box
BUG FIX: Hide End Time from calendar bug
BUG FIX: Stronger CSS for avoid theme and external css overwrite

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