Flowmattic – WordPress Automation Plugin


Streamline Your Workflow Automations with FlowMattic – Zero Coding, Maximum Efficiency!

Connect Your Work Apps with Ease and Save Time – No Coding Required!

Flowmattic is a WordPress plugin to automate your repetitive business tasks and move data between apps.

It’s like Zapier but WITHOUT the…

  • Extremely low task limits that you’ll definitely blow past
  • The restricted features and integrations that always require yet another expensive upgrade
  • And the outrageous monthly bills that leave you crying

With FlowMattic, you can connect an ever-growing list of hundreds of apps like Slack, Google Sheets, Fluent Forms, Mailchimp, Stripe, and more.

Whether you’re a developer, agency owner, or site owner, FlowMattic makes it easy to automate tasks so you can focus on more important things.

Key Features

Unlimited Workflows

No limits! Imagine the savings and relief when you no longer have to wrorry about counting tasks, events, actions, or whatever. One step or multi-step, it’s all included.

150+ Integrations & Growing

Connect your WordPress site, plugins, and third party software together. The most commonly requested triggers and actions are already available.

23 Built-In Core Modules

Process data using built-in utilities that other competitors lack such as: Email, CSV, and Page parsers, Date & Text Formatters, or call WordPress, Plugin, or PHP functions, and Math functions.

Schedule or Delay Workflows

Need to perform tasks at a certain time of day, week, or month? Create a workflow using the scheduler and set your desired time to run or with a delay.

Flows with Multiple Routes / Paths

Have a complex workflow that requires you to execute specific tasks based on specific values or a range of values? Create as many routes or branches needed.

Custom App Triggers / API Handling

Have an app or API that you need to connect to your WordPress site? Create a workflow using a custom action trigger to get data from the app or post data to its API.

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