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Need to allow users to register, edit their profiles and passwords, and sign in from the front end of your WordPress site? Let your users manage their own accounts on the front-end with this WordPress User Registration plugin. Build a customized registration form that gives new users sign-in access to your site immediately.

Provide a form your customers will love. When users have multiple forms to complete, reduce their headache by auto-populating their forms when they are logged in. Formidable’s user registration system can serve as the backbone for many types of WordPress sites.

Whether you are building a directory site, or are building an eCommerce shop, a smooth user experience will make all the difference.

The best part of our WordPress user registration plugin? It’s just one part of an entire suite of tools designed to make your WordPress website flourish like never before! Formidable Forms has all the features you need to collect data and use it to create powerful results.

WordPress User plugin: Registration Features

The User Registration plugin is one of the top three Formidable Forms add ons. It’s no wonder, because of the powerful features it provides:

  • Create custom WordPress registration forms using Formidable Forms.
  • Allow users to register and edit their profiles from the front-end of your site.
  • Allow administrators, or other specified roles, to register users from the front-end of your site.
  • Retrieve user meta and auto-populate forms with a logged-in user’s information.
  • Publish a login form anywhere on your site.
  • Publish a reset password form anywhere on your site.
  • Allow visitors and logged in users to create a subsite on a multi-site network, from the front-end of your site.

 Not sure if Formidable Forms is right for you?

No worries! Give our free version a try. And you can always try our premium plans (which include user registration) risk-free for 14-days. That means you can get 100% of your money back if you don’t love our plugin.

Our plugin works with all WordPress themes and includes many powerful features. Let’s explore some more of them below.

WordPress registration plugins can be easy

Here’s something that really matters with user registration plugins for WordPress: simplicity. Formidable Forms takes ease-of-use to new heights without skimping on advanced features.

One of the best things about Formidable’s user registration plugin? It expands upon the default WordPress registration system. That means you can add Formidable to any existing WordPress user base and get great results. You can even import users with our user import tool.

user registration import

User registration admin is super simple

Admin is simple too. Just head to your WordPress dashboard in the backend where you can adjust all the required settings to make your user registration system go. Easily adjust user roles, configure your registration page, and set up your password reset page.

user registration settings pages

Creating your registration form in a flash

Creating your registration form in Formidable is really easy… we have one built-in! But you aren’t limited to using that alone. You can use one of our many form templates and

Registration Button

Want to keep users coming back? Give them the power to edit their profile from the front-end of your site! Just create a form with the correct settings and direct your users there. Easy 🙂

Registration Front-end Permissions

Top-notch support

Not sure where to start? You’ll find top-notch support ready to help customers whenever they need it. In addition, there are a huge number of help documents found in our ever-expanding knowledgebase!

Read more: Formidable User Registration Doc

Formidable integrations

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better… well, it does! Formidable Forms has dozens of integrations that can connect user registration to your favorite tools. If you have an existing WooCommerce setup, you can use Formidable to build a custom WooCommerce registration form, for example.

But there’s a lot more where that came from. You can use conditional logic in your forms to show users only the most relevant fields. Then, after they submit the form, you can trigger email notifications, add the user to your CRM (like Hubspot) or your email marketing platform (like MailChimp).

Truth be told there are too many integrations to tell you about here! But if you use our Zapier add-on, you’ll be able to connect virtually any application to your WordPress forms and users. It’s just as nice as it sounds.

WordPress user login and registration plugin… plus more!

All the above features are great. But what if you need to create account pages and user profiles? Then you need the Formidable Views integration!

Formidable Views allow you to display form data however you want. That means your user registration form can be set up to automatically generate a user profile page after the form is submitted (or approved).

Using Formidable Views, you can create a custom layout with minimal coding required. If you are a developer looking to cut your development time in half – this is for you! But Views is so easy to use that even a diligent hobbyist can get great results.

Add a file upload field to your registration form, then use views to display a profile photo! Feel free to make that field required, or not required to use a default photo. You can add whatever custom fields you want to your user registration form.

It doesn’t take long to realize that Formidable Views open the door to a whole new world of automated website development – fueled by your WordPress forms!

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