GDPR Cookie Consent Premium


GDPR Cookie Consent plugin allows the users to only consent to the category of cookies they are okay with and reject the rest. Get Plugin Now.

Set up a WordPress Cookie Consent Banner on Your Website in Minutes

Inform users about using cookies on your website and prompt them to take explicit and informed consent for using cookies.

Add an ADA-compliant GDPR cookie compliance notice on your WordPress website to comply with multiple privacy laws across the globe.

GDPR Cookie Consent Premium


GDPR Cookie Consent Premium

CCPA (California)

GDPR Cookie Consent Premium

LGPD (Brazil)

GDPR Cookie Consent Premium

CNIL (France)

GDPR Cookie Consent Premium

POPIA (South Africa)

GDPR Cookie Consent Premium

PDPL (Saudi Arabia)

GDPR Cookie Consent Premium


GDPR Cookie Consent Premium


and more…

Set up a Cookie Consent Banner on Your Website in Minutes

Ensure IAB compliance when showing ads

This GDPR Cookie Consent WordPress plugin complies with the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Transparency and Consent Framework v2.2. You can show ads from third-party vendors on your website while staying compliant with IAB regulations.

The plugin enables you to set up an IAB-compliant cookie banner, offering customers the choice to give explicit consent for displaying ads and for Legitimate Interest. The banner lists the purpose and features of cookies used on your website, helping them make an informed decision for providing consent.

Additionally, the banner shows a comprehensive list of IAB-registered vendors, allowing your website visitors to consent to specific vendors per their preferences.


Showing IAB compliant cookie banner on a WordPress website

Easily Scan and List the Cookies on Your WordPress Website

Listing the cookies on your store – simplified! At the click of a button, scan and identify all the cookies your website uses.

The cookies are then added to the cookies list in the plugin, along with information on why they are used, their category, and how long they stay on a user’s browser.

You can also add the cookies manually. Add or change the information about the cookies to your users with the options the plugin provides.

Note: The number of pages scanned for cookies is limited to 2000 pages/domain. If you have over 2000 pages on your website, please contact support.


Easily Scan and List the Cookies on Your WordPress Website

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