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GeoMarketplace integrates GeoDirectoryWooCommerce, and MultiVendorX, allowing listing owners to create and sell products, directly from their listings.

With GeoMarketplace, each listing becomes a shop, where the listing owner can sell their products, and the directory admin can earn a commission from each sale.

Users can search for product names by proximity and buy from the closest shop to their location. (See the tip in Step 11 of the documentation to see how to achieve this)

Examples of uses:

  • A restaurant directory where each restaurant can sell items on its menus for delivery or pickup.
  • An Etsy-style marketplace where the listing owners can sell hand-crafted items.
  • A directory of Bars or Wineries where listing owners can sell coupons for their happy hours.
  • A Thrift Store directory where charitable organizations sell second-hand clothes online.
  • A directory of Moms selling used toys or clothes.
  • A directory of music lovers selling used LP records.

And many more cases, the possibilities are endless.


Compatible With Plugins:

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