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Hook Users with Paid Trials

With our Paid Trails add-on, instead of offering a free trial, you can now offer a paid trial, which means a reduced price for a short amount of time before the regular price kicks in. Example: $7 for 7 days, then $199 per month.

Or you can offer a higher signup fee, which means adding a fixed amount to the initial subscription price. Example: $99 sign-up fee, then $60 per month.

When does a Paid Trial makes sense?

Allowing customers to test your service through a free trial, is one of the most used techniques to improve user acquisition.

A free trial reduces the risk involved in the purchase for the customers and makes it easier to hook them up.

However, free trials don’t always make sense.

If your product provides immense value from the moment you start using it, the user may want to abuse the free trial.

In that case, it’s best to offer a Paid Trial.

For example, is a suite of tools for professionals SEO. It provides within a few clicks an incredible amount of data that you can export and save on your computer for later use.

For a similar service, a paid trial makes a lot more sense and that is exactly what they do. They give you 7 days for $7 USD to test their product. If you are satisfied they will charge you the regular price, if not at least they didn’t give away a lot of value for nothing.

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