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Create an infinite number of discount codes and share them with your customers to help drive sales.

Implementing the right pricing strategy can leave a profound impact on your profit margins. But, how do you give your visitors the feel that you are offering them a great deal?

The answer is simple. Offer discounts to your images every now and then. This works especially well if you combine it with time-sensitive offers and also integrate this with your email marketing efforts.

And to help you meet this  goal, our team at Graph Paper Press created the Discount Codes extension to the Sell Media plugin.


The Discount Codes extension for Sell Media allows store owners to create an infinite number of discount codes.  Share them with your customers to help drive sales. This works with the reprints extensions, also, so you can offer discounts for printed images, too.


  • Percentage or Flat Amount – You can set either 20% off or $20 off.
  • Start and End Dates – Perfect for holidays or time-sensitive offers.       ( P.S.: Time sensitive offers really help drive sales and improve conversions.)
  • Maximum Uses – Set the maximum number of uses for each coupon. By putting a cap to the maximum number of times, a discount code may be used, you effectively create urgency in your prospects.

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