Gravity Forms Calendar


Easily create calendars using Gravity Forms entries as the event data. Embed calendars on posts, pages, or GravityView Views.

Display your Gravity Forms entries on a simple but powerful calendar. Display class schedules, business events, personal itineraries, and more. Customize the calendar layout and edit events from the front end.

Engage with your users

Add an interactive calendar to your website. Display class schedules, business meetings, personal itineraries, and more! Submitting event information doesn’t require a user login – Allow users to submit events through a public form and approve them on the backend.

Reduce hassle with point-and-click configuration

Set up a new calendar feed in minutes, all you need is a form with a date field. Prefilter events based on conditional logic. Responsive drag and drop functionality allows you to edit the dates and times of events from the front end.

Impress your clients with advanced functionality

Create custom calendar apps to display events, manage projects, keep track of meetings, and more. Subscribe to Gravity Forms calendar feeds from your Google or Apple Calendar and display events by day, week, or month using different layouts.

Create Calendars for Diverse Use Cases

Integrate your calendars with other popular calendar applications

Get set up in a matter of minutes

Install the plugin, configure the Calendar feed and embed your new calendar using a shortcode, Gutenberg block, or widget. Create unlimited calendars, each displaying different information and with different configurations.

GravityCalendar won’t slow down your website

GravityCalendar is lightweight, preventing unnecessary bloat. Got hundreds (or thousands) of events? Speed things up by only loading the events being displayed. Customize your calendar by adding controls, changing the colors and more.

Extensive developer hooks

GravityCalendar is full of actions and filters that make it easy for you to customize all aspects of the output. You’ll love GravityCalendar because it’s built on top of the excellent FullCalendar script.

No code required!

GravityCalendar includes a range of options for customizing the calendar layout, colors, and event information. Add calendar controls for easy navigation and preview your calendar before publishing to ensure it looks exactly how you want it.

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