Gravity Forms Partial Entries Addon


Don’t miss out on potential leads. Collect data in real-time as it is entered on your forms. WooCommerce, Shopify, and other shopping cart applications have abandoned cart technology – Gravity Forms has similar abandoned form technology!


Seamless Integration

It’s not uncommon for visitors to abandon a form before actually submitting it. With the Gravity Forms Partial Entries Add-On, you can easily capture those partial entries and view the information submitted, helping you to recover the details of potential leads and future customers.

View Partial Form Entries

All partial entries can be viewed in your WordPress dashboard. Not only can you access the data of anyone who abandoned a form, you can also gain insight into which forms are under-performing and where your users are dropping off.

Conditional Logic

Only want to log partial entries if certain conditions are met? Enter conditional logic! Gravity Forms built-in conditional logic feature allows you to specify when you want partial entries saved.

For example, set the condition that a partial form entry is saved only if a user fills out the Email field. This ensures the data collected is still useful for your business – once you have an email address you can then follow up and re-engage individuals with your products or services.

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