Gravity Forms Zoho CRM Addon


A complete end-to-end CRM, Zoho is a powerful CRM solution for growing businesses and enterprises. And with the Gravity Forms Zoho CRM Add-On, you can easily add new contacts and leads into your Zoho mailing lists and sales pipelines.

Advanced Features

Automate your sales and marketing processes with Gravity Forms and Zoho. Features include…

  • Create Zoho CRM Contacts – Create a contact and send it to Zoho CRM when a WordPress form is submitted.
  • Update Zoho CRM Contacts – Update an existing contact in Zoho CRM when a form is submitted.
  • Create Zoho CRM Sales Leads – Create a new sales lead in Zoho CRM after a form submission and assign it to the newly created contact.

Implement Conditional Logic

Use Gravity Forms’ built-in conditional logic to only integrate with Zoho CRM when you want to! Set conditions on form submissions, only creating new contacts and leads if the conditions are met, giving you control over the data added to your Zoho CRM.

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