Gravity Perks Copy Cat AddOn


This plugin allows you to copy values from one field to another within the same form. Values can be copied either automatically as they are typed or when a specific Checkbox in the form is checked.

For example, with automatic copying the user can enter their first and last name into a field, and those values will be immediately copied into the Name input on a Credit Card field as they type.

Copying with a Checkbox is particularly useful for situations like specifying a billing and shipping address. There is a good chance the user would desire to enter the same address for both fields. You can configure a Checkbox to copy the user-entered values from the billing address field to the shipping address field.

Copy Cat supports copying to and from almost all Gravity Forms fields, so the possibilities are endless!


  • Copy values from one field to another.
    Save your users time by copying input values to other fields in the form.
  • Automatic or manual copying.
    Trigger the copy when the user checks a box or automatically.
  • Copy multiple fields.
    Copy values from a single source to multiple fields and from multiple sources to multiple fields!
  • Target specific inputs of multi-input fields.
    Copy only the First Name in a Name field, the Quantity of a Product field, and other specific inputs from multi-input fields.
  • Copy based on “if” conditions.
    Copy values only if another field value is present or selected.
  • Supports most Gravity Forms fields.
    Values can be copied to and from almost any field.
  • Automatic updates.
    Get updates and the latest features right in your dashboard.
  • Awesome support.
    We’re here to help! And we mean it.



  • Fixed an issue where copying List fields in a multi-page form could result in List field values reverting.



  • Fixed an issue where Time fields would not copy correctly.


  • Fixed a PHP 8.1 warning.


  • Fixed issue with the Name field where if the Prefix input is present, only the Prefix would be copied.


  • Fixed an issue where Copy Cat could change user-entered values back to the copied value when navigating pages.


  • Fixed issue where Copy Cat would copy to conditionally hidden fields.


  • Improved performance of List field copying.


  • Fixed an issue with Address fields not copying correctly.


  • Fixed an issue where Select fields would not have their default values copied in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue with Multi Select field not copying values correctly to the List field.


  • Fixed an issue with Copy Cat not working for List fields.
  • Updated require call to use plugin_dir_path().


  • Updated references to String.prototype.format() to use String.prototype.gformFormat() as the former will be removed in Gravity Forms 2.8.


  • Fixed issue where numbers using decimal comma format could get converted incorrectly. For example, 1.000 (one thousand) could become just 1 in some situations.


  • Fixed an issue where decimal comma numbers would be copied into the quantity field which does not support decimal comma formatted numbers.


  • Added ability to add “if” condition for conditional copying based on other field values. Example usage: copy-1-to-2-if-3 to check if field ID 3 has a value. copy-1-to-2-if-3.0 will copy if field ID 3‘s first choice is selected.
  • Added compatibility for GP Limit Date’s Inline Date Picker.


  • Added sourceValues as a fourth parameter for all instances of the gpcc_copied_value JavaScript filter.


  • Added support for using Advanced Phone Fields as source and target fields.


  • Added support for Select All/Unselect All buttons for checkbox fields.


  • Added German translations. Credit: Florian Rinnhofer of


  • Fixed issue with List fields not properly removing rows in target List fields if using newer form markup versions.


  • Fixed an issue that could occur with infinite recursion in some form setups with conditional logic.


  • Fixed performance issue when clearing values was triggered via conditional logic.
  • Fixed an issue where clearing values for checkbox triggers when a target input was revealed via conditional logic could created an infinite loop.


  • Fixed issue where GPCC’s conditioanl logic handling would overwrite edited values when the form was reloaded.


  • Fixed issue where multiple values copied into a single input would not be cleared if unchecking a checkbox.
  • Fixed issue where using the gpcc_copied_value filter would prevent filtered values from being cleared if the checkbox controlling the copying is unchecked.
  • Added “Update URI” to plugin header to improve security.


  • Added getSourceField method to gwCopyObj to open up more possibilities with snippets such as automatic copying depending on checkbox value.


  • Improved conditional logic handling for accuracy and efficiency. (#40)


  • Improved performance by only triggering change events when value has actually changed.


  • Fixed issue where copying from one List field to another did not work in Gravity Forms 2.5.


  • Fixed issue where only the first Copy Cat class was respected when clearing values after a checkbox click.


  • Fixed a potential issue where conditionally hidden target fields may not be copied to if manual copy is used to also show the target fields.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple conditionally hidden inline date pickers would not trigger copy on page load.


  • Fixed a regression where GPCC would not copy values to hidden fields.


  • Fixed a potential issue where copied prices to radio fields may not update the form’s total amount.
  • Fixed an issue where GPCC would not copy values to quantity fields correctly.


  • Fixed an issue where the gpcc_copied_value filter did not fire when copying checkbox or radio fields.


  • Fixed an issue where conditional logic may clear copied fields after hiding them multiple times.
  • Improved consistency of how Total field values are handled by always removing the currency symbol and thousand separators.


  • Fixed an issue where GPCC would apply custom CSS even when no value was copied.
  • Fixed potential recursion issue when pricing and conditional logic are used together.
  • Improved performance on larger forms.


  • Fixed a potential issue where manual copying may be triggered by conditional logic.


  • Fixed a potential error when GPCC is used in a form with a coupon code.


  • Fixed a potential issue where conditionally shown fields may not trigger a copy action.


  • Fixed an issue where GPCC could lag on large AJAX enabled forms.



  • Fixed an issue where conditional logic may not trigger on target radio fields.


  • Added gpcc_custom_copy and gpcc_custom_clear filters to handle corner cases.


  • Added GF Chained Selects Support.


  • Fixed issue where using a Password field with confirmation as a source field would result in the password and confirm password inputs being concatenated rather than just copying the password.


  • Fixed a regression where GPCC may throw a JS error if the class is added to the target field.


  • Fixed issue where value filtered with deprecated filter was ignored.


  • Fixed a regression with subfields copying introduced in 1.4.26.


  • Fixed an issue where the new gpcc-populated classes may apply on page load.


  • Added gpcc-populated-input and gpcc-populated to mark populated inputs and their parent field container respectively.


  • Fixed an issue where values weren’t copied if the target field is a rich text editor.
  • Fixed issue where clicking a checkbox would result in a JavaScript error rather than copying values when using Gravity Forms 2.5 and newer.


  • Fixed an issue where clearing copied values would fail for checkboxes.


  • Fixed issue where Drop Down value was set to null when attempting to populate value that did not exist.
  • Updated plugin author.


  • Added support for copying simple value to their equivalent value in a choice-based Pricing field.


  • Added “gpcc_field_group” filter to allow including non-GF inputs in the Copy Cat field group.


  • Added support for targeting Credit Card field expiration date.


  • Fixed issue where when resuming from Gravity Forms’ Save & Continue – and – deleting an entry from a source List field, it would remove all except one row from the target List field.


  • Fixed issue where no rows were added when Maximum Rows was not set.


  • Fixed issue when copying from List field to read-only List field (via GP Read Only).
  • Fixed issue with row count when copying from List field to List field.
  • Added support for respecting List field “Maximum Rows” setting.
  • Updated bootstrap for WordPress styling changes.


  • Added support for copying from specific List field column to another List field column.
  • Added support for clearing a target List field when a row from the source List is removed.


  • Added ‘gpcc_copied_value’ filter to allow modifying the copied value before it is inserted into the target field.


  • Added support for not overwriting target values by default when the form is rendered; resolves issue where target values were overridden when loading data via Save & Continue.
  • Added ‘gpcc_overwrite_existing_values_on_init’ filter; allows forcing source values to overwite target values when form is rendered.
  • Updated gwCopyObj JS object to be more extensible.


  • Fixed issue in gwCopyCat class where assignment issue result in errors.


  • Updated copyValues() to trigger conditional logic for unchecked inputs in addition to checked inputs.


  • Updated forceEmptyCopy option to default to the value of isOverride; this will automatically overwriting existing values with empty valeus.


  • Fixed issue where coping to hidden fields was broken in v1.4


  • Fixed issue where target List field rows could be completely removed when targeted from another List field.
  • Fixed issue where read only checkboxes were unchecked incorrectly have being checked.


  • Fixed issue where copying checkbox field to checkbox field did not correctly clear unselected checkbox fields from the target field.


  • Fixed issue where targeting a field from itself (via copy cat class) would cause infinte loop.


  • Fixed issue introduced in 1.4.5 that would incorrectly sort values when copying from multi-input fields.


  • Added support for copying to/from a specific List field column or input.
  • Fixed issue where copying to a clickable field would not correctly “check” the field.


  • Updated to only select inputs from inside the .ginput_container class.


  • Added ‘gpcc_copy_cat_fields’ filter to allow adding copy cat fields programmatically. See:


  • Updated List field support to copy by row/column index; better supports mapping non-identical List fields to each other.


  • Fixed issue were gravityforms.js dependency was not enforced.


  • Added support for copying to and from List fields. A special thanks to Edi Weigh for sponsoring this feature.


  • Fixed issue where conditional logic based on checkable fields (i.e radio, checkbox) was not applied when copying to a checkable field


  • Added support for clearing deselected checkbox values when copying into a Single Line Text field


  • Fixed issue when clearing checked checkboxes


  • Fixed issue where Radio Buttons could be copied from but not to


  • Fixed issue where Enhanced-UI-enabled drop downs did not copy correctly


  • Updated so copied values overwrite existing values by default.
  • Updated ‘gp-copy-cat’ script to depend on ‘jquery’


  • Updated perk to use GP_Bootstrap


  • Added support for copying values from one form to another (on the same page)


  • Updated init copy to no longer force overwriting values (caused changes to be overwritten on validation error)


  • Added initial support for field-type-sensitive copying (i.e. copying from calculation field to quantity field: 1,024 is converted to 1024)


  • Fixed issue where unchecked checkboxes were copying their associated copy cat fields on form render


  • Added support for processing checkbox-based copy cats on init; allows checking box on page 1 to copy value to field on page 2


  • Major overhaul to codebase to better confirm to Gravity Forms standards
  • Updated JS to be loaded in separate file
  • Add helper functions has_copy_cat_field() and get_copy_cat_fields() to consolidate these checks and processes


  • Added support for auto-copying from a drop down
  • Added support for auto-copying when a value is pre-populated


  • Fixed issue where values were not clearing from field when checkbox was unchecked


  • Added support for copying checkboxes to checkboxes


  • Added support for targeting Quantity inputs on Single Product fields


  • Fixed issue where targetting specific input of email field did not allow copying of value


  • Added support for copying from specific inputs of multi-input fields to single input fields or specific inputs of other multi-input fields


  • Added support for copying textareas


  • Updated support for copying only the selected value from radio and checkbox fields


  • Added support for copying values when the field value changes, allowing support for automatically copying a value from one field two another without a checkbox


  • Fixed bug introduced in 1.0.6 where Country (if select type) was not copied


  • Fixed issue where calcultions were not updated when copy cat enabled fields were updated


  • Fixed issue which caused Copy Cat to break when applied to multiple forms displayed on the same page


  • Added namespace to checkbox click event which triggers copy cat functionality (“click.gpcopycat”)
  • Added form-specific instance of gwCopyObj to #gform_wrapper div for use in customizations


  • Updated minimum required version of Gravity Perks: 1.0.6
  • Added ‘gpcc_overwrite_existing_values’ filter to allow users to indicate whether existing values in fields being copied to should have their value overwritten if already have a value


  • Updated minimum required version of Gravity Perks: 1.0.5
  • Updated documentation to return URL

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