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A repeater allows you to dynamically add additional fields to a WordPress Gravity Form. GF Nested Forms differs only in that it allows you to submit the group of repeating fields (i.e. repeater fields) via a modal.

A Gravity Forms Repeater add-on for simple and complex forms. Create forms within forms for better management of robust data collection. Formception!

What does it do?

Simplify your forms and collect complex, repeatable data in an easy-to-use interface.

Just add a new Nested Form to any existing form – and new Child entries will be grouped with Parent forms.

Group user responses, register multiple users at a time, create calculations within your Nested Forms fields, and display Nested Forms conditionally based on user input.

The child entries display in a clean, compact table on the parent form where they can be viewed, edited or deleted. You can also use Nested Forms as a simple Gravity Forms repeater add-on.

Gravity Forms Nested Forms


  • Simplify complex forms & collect repeatable data.
    Create forms that are easier for you to manage and easier for your users to complete.
  • Register groups and individuals on the same form.
    Register a team and players or a company and employees or a make and models all on the same form.
  • Use sum, total and count in calculations.
    Pull data from your nested forms into your parent form for powerful, dynamic calculations.
  • Control the look & feel.
    Helpful UI, flexible templating, and handy hooks.
  • Process feeds for child entries.
    On child form submission – or – only when the parent form is submitted; allows you to do things like register a user for each child entry. Insane!
  • Powerful developer options.
    Well-documented hooks and a flexible templating system make extending this WordPress plugin a breeze.
  • Automatic updates.
    Get updates and the latest features right in your dashboard.
  • Legendary support.
    We’re known for our response times, and going above and beyond.
  • Take it for a test drive.
    Check out our documentation page for an interactive demo.

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