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Calculate field sums, averages, max and min, and more using Math by GravityView. The most powerful calculation plugin for Gravity Forms!

GravityMath makes it easy to analyze numerical data collected with Gravity Forms. The plugin allows you to:

  • Perform complex calculations using Gravity Forms field values
  • Count the number of entries in a form (values are always up to date)
  • Display calculations anywhere on your website
  • Use advanced mathematical constants and functions in your calculations
  • Perform calculations based on product pricing fields

… And much more!

Output Calculations Anywhere on Your Website

Using our powerful shortcode, you can output calculations anywhere on your WordPress website. Embed your calculations inside Gravity Forms confirmations, notifications, widgets, pages, posts – literally anywhere!

Integrates With GravityView

If you have GravityView installed, you can use Math inside a View to:

  • Add footer calculations to your table layouts (like average, sum, max, min, etc)
  • Create calculated columns
  • Perform calculations for all visible entries

Calculate the total cost of an order, the average age of your respondents, the highest order amount, the monthly payment on a loan, the ROI of your marketing campaigns, the value for an insurance quote, and more!

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