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Instantify is a WordPress plugin that combines Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMP), and Facebook Instant Articles (FBIA). The plugin works them together to achieve amazing performance and user experience on every possible platform. Instantly makes it easy to make your website mobile friendly and increase load speeds to ensure you get top Google rankings, more traffic, and a big boost in your conversions without any hard work or technical skills needed.


  • Turn your website into a faster, more secure, and lighter mobile-friendly site that gets top rankings and more traffic.
  • Make your website Google compliant, boost SEO and rank higher in search engines.
  • Monetize your website with Google Adsense & Facebook Ads.
  • Convert more visitors into buyers.
  • Get more social engagement.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps use modern web capabilities to deliver fast, native-app experiences with no app stores or downloads, and all the goodness of the web. PWAs see an average +68% increase in mobile traffic, +52% increase in conversions, 3X more pages visited, and 2.5 seconds to load pages.

  • Add To Homescreen
  • Installation Overlays
  • Offline Usage
  • Navigation Tab Bar
  • Web Share Button
  • Pull Down Navigation
  • Swipe Navigation
  • Shake To Refresh
  • Preloader
  • Toast Messages
  • Ajaxify
  • Background Sync
  • Persistent Storage
  • Web Share Target
  • Vibration
  • Screen Wake Lock
  • Push Notifications

Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMP)

AMP provides a straightforward way to create web pages that are fast, smooth-loading, and prioritize the user experience above all else. AMPs see an average +35% increase in SEO and traffic, +20% increase in conversions, +80% faster page load time, and 2X more time spent on pages.

  • Use Active Theme Styles
  • Auto AMP generation
  • Preloade PWA From AMP
  • All Content Support
  • SEO Improvement
  • Monetize Advertisements
  • Analytics Integration
  • GDPR Compliance

Facebook Instant Articles (FBIA)

Instant Articles is a tool designed for media publishers to distribute instant, interactive articles to their readers within the Facebook mobile app. FBIAs see an average of +70% less likely to abandon, +20% more discovery in FB News Feed, +30% more shares on Facebook, and 10X faster page load times.

  • Fast And Responsive
  • Customizable Design
  • Simple And Scalable
  • Engaging And Sharable
  • Interactive And Immersive
  • Monetizable
  • Measurable And Trackable
  • GDPR Compliance


Version 7.5 – 8 April, 2023

ADDED - Option to add screenshots manually
IMPROVED - Various AMP enhancements
FIXED - QR code generation error

Version 7.5 – 19 February, 2023

IMPROVED - Minor things in AMP
IMPROVED - Push notification sending, subscriber updates, and reporting

Version 7.4 – 31 January, 2023

FIXED - Admin menu infinite loading issue
FIXED - Small issue with screenshot URLs

Version 7.3 – 29 January, 2023

IMPROVED - Workbox is now served locally
IMPROVED - Push notification subscribers are now lazy-loaded
FIXED - Small issue with Start Urls
FIXED - Admin area infinite loading issue

Version 7.2 – 21 November, 2022

ADDED - Option to choose PWA detection method
ADDED - New comment push notification
IMPROVED - License handling
IMPROVED - PWA install and push subscribe analytics processing

Version 7.1 – 12 November, 2022

ADDED - Idle Detection API support with reload requests
ADDED - Orientation lock feature
ADDED - Support for splash screens for the latest iOS devices
IMPROVED - PWA detection
IMPROVED - Skeleton loader compatibility
IMPROVED - Stability of manifest values
IMPROVED - Splash screen and maskable icon generation
FIXED - FBIA count articles error

Version 7.0 – 8 October, 2022

ADDED - VAPID keys in push notification settings
ADDED - Display override Manifest property support
ADDED - Push notification sending batch size option
ADDED - Full support for maskable icons
IMPROVED - Preloader injection
FIXED - Scope extensions manifest property not returning correct URL sometimes

Version 6.9 – 11 September, 2022

ADDED - Content Indexing API support
IMPROVED - WP Rocket compatibility in PWA mode
IMPROVED - QR code generation and included logo
FIXED - Various minor things on the admin side

Version 6.8 – 28 August, 2022

ADDED - "isPwa" class to body element when in PWA mode for easy customization
ADDED - Custom CSS option for PWA mode
IMPROVED - Dynamic Manifest homepage override
IMPROVED - Ajaxify feature
IMPROVED - When PWA is disabled, it's also disabled for installed devices
IMPROVED - Push Notifications assets by conditional loading
FIXED - PWA exiting bug when navigation within PWA mode
FIXED - Select input on the admin side

Version 6.7 – 25 July, 2022

ADDED - Option to choose how the app should handle links
ADDED - PWA QR code option
IMPROVED - Store publishing with new options
IMPROVED - AMP page processing
IMPROVED - Colors on the admin settings page
FIXED - Navigation Tab Bar reaching the bottom of the page safe area

Version 6.6 – 5 June, 2022

ADDED - Settings page for controlling plugin settings
ADDED - Compatibility for Webpushr notifications plugin
IMPROVED - Intro guide on the admin side
IMPROVED - Updated FontAwsesome library to the latest version

Version 6.5 – 8 May, 2022

ADDED - Intro tutorial of admin settings
ADDED - Accent color feature from theme color
ADDED - Cache Only strategy to offline caching strategies
ADDED - New scope_extensions property to Manifest
ADDED - Support for Badging API for Push Notifications
ADDED - iOS splash screens for the latest devices
IMPROVED - Coupon overlay close action
IMPROVED - AMP performance
IMPROVED - Pull down navigation feature by disabling browser pull-down refresh
IMPROVED - Updated WorkBox to the latest version
IMPROVED - Support section in the admin menu
IMPROVED - Navigation on the admin menu
IMPROVED - Replaced URL Handlers with new handle_links Manifest property
FIXED - Navigation Tab Bar height for new iOS Safari
FIXED - Related Applications not promoting native apps

Version 6.4 – 12 March, 2022

IMPROVED - Push Notifications feature now works without GMP extension
IMPROVED - Navigation tab bar detects URL parameters
IMPROVED - Admin assets conditional loading
IMPROVED - Push Notifications batch size is now automatically set
FIXED - Font Awesome issue

Version 6.3 – 6 February, 2022

IMPROVED - Translatable strings
FIXED - AMP errors

Version 6.2 – 25 January, 2022

ADDED - Option to control enabled platforms for PWA and AMP
IMPROVED - AMP feature
FIXED - Push notifications stats
FIXED - Deactivate license issue

Version 6.1 – 29 November, 2021

FIXED - Minor bugs

Version 6.0 – 27 November, 2021

ADDED - ID property to Manifest
ADDED - URL protocol handlers option
ADDED - PWA installation stats
ADDED - Credit card payment option in native mobile app generators
ADDED - Search functionality to the admin settings
IMPROVED - PWA values can be defined on each page separately
FIXED - Minor issue on the admin side
FIXED - PWA analytics resetting on deactivate

Version 5.9 – 9 November, 2021

ADDED - Push notification subscribers statistics
IMPROVED - Added tooltip descriptions for pricing tables
IMPROVED - Prealoders performance
FIXED - Passwordless login feature

Version 5.8 – 5 November, 2021

ADDED - Passwordless login via Touch ID, Face ID, and Windows Hello
ADDED - Automated push notifications for Ultimate Member
ADDED - Remastered native mobile app pricing table and added iOS option
IMPROVED - Subscribers won't be deleted after the plugin uninstall
FIXED - Screenshots failed generation
FIXED - JS optimization compatibility

Version 5.7 – 27 October, 2021

ADDED - A country segment in sending push notifications
ADDED - Push notifications settings section
ADDED - Push notifications to vibrate option
ADDED - Fixed push notifications option
ADDED - Support for Edge browser
IMPROVED - Push notifications service performance
IMPROVED - User-agent detection on client-side
IMPROVED - Ajaxify option algorithm
IMPROVED - Font loading performance
IMPROVED - Now support ticket form supports attachments

Version 5.6 – 11 October, 2021

ADDED - Mobile screenshot for Manifest
ADDED - WooCommerce order status update automated push notifications
IMPROVED - Inactive Blur feature performance
IMPROVED - ServiceWorker with updated workbox module
FIXED - Plugin activation issue with SSL

Version 5.5 – 4 October, 2021

ADDED - Maskable icon support
ADDED - iOS special installation overlay
ADDED - WooCommerce promo code rewards installation overlay
IMPROVED - Admin area options performance
FIXED - Minor bugs on the admin side

Version 5.4 – 9 September, 2021

ADDED - URL handlers support
IMPROVED - AMP features
IMPROVED - License verification and update stability

Version 5.3 – 6 August, 2021

ADDED - Scroll progress bar feature
IMPROVED - Inactive blur effect is now in the options

Version 5.2 – 4 August, 2021

ADDED - Blur effect when the website is not focused on mobiles and tablets
IMPROVED - The installation button now supports desktops
IMPROVED - AMP compatibility
FIXED - Dark Mode not working on desktops
FIXED - Manifest and ServiceWorker outputting HTML tags sometimes

Version 5.1 – 16 June, 2021

ADDED - Option to add custom FBIA transformation rules
IMPROVED - Manifest and ServiceWorker outputs faster now
IMPROVED - Pull down navigation
IMPROVED - FBIA article transformer

Version 5.0 – 4 June, 2021

ADDED - Option to disable PWA for individual pages
ADDED - Option to export/import plugin settings
IMPROVED - Manifest and ServiceWorker output stability
IMPROVED - Pull down navigation performance
IMPROVED - AMP compatibility
FIXED - App shortcuts icon size issue
FIXED - FBIA Copyright text not appearing in articles
FIXED - FBIA outputs invalid HTML chars in the feed

Version 4.9 – 28 May, 2021

ADDED - Editing previews for installation overlays
ADDED - Preview for sending push notification
ADDED - Option to skip first-time visit for push notifications prompt
ADDED - Abandoned cart automatic push notification
ADDED - Scheduled push notifications
ADDED - Unregistered users segment for sending push notifications
ADDED - Adaptive loading option
ADDED - Support for Periodic Background Sync API
ADDED - Video file formats in caching strategies
ADDED - Audio file formats in caching strategies
ADDED - AMP URL Structure option
IMPROVED - AMP options
IMPROVED - AMP compatibility with WooCommerce
FIXED - Apple status bar updated values on iOS 14.5
FIXED - WooCommerce cart items count missing from navigation tab bar icon
FIXED - Rare bug when ServiceWorker installation was failing
FIXED - Compatibility issue with PHP 8.0

Version 4.8 – 17 April, 2021

ADDED - PWA general options
ADDED - Related articles for FBIA
ADDED - Custom embed ad type for FBIA
IMPROVED - AMP compatibility with 3-rd party plugins

Version 4.7 – 5 April, 2021

ADDED - Ability to control features by device and platform
ADDED - IARC Rating ID property in Manifest
ADDED - Date range selectors for PWA installation analytics
IMPROVED - PWA installation analytics now counts all installs
IMPROVED - AMP and Google Fonts caching
IMPROVED - AMP functionality
FIXED - Navigation Tab Bar settings not saving sometimes

Version 4.6 – 6 March, 2021

ADDED - Dark Mode support
ADDED - ServiceWorker cache expiration time option
IMPROVED - PWA browsing detection
IMPROVED - AMP compatibility with 3-rd party plugins
FIXED - Facebook in-app browser issues
FIXED - Push Notifications segmentation issue

Version 4.5 – 28 February, 2021

ADDED - Snackbar installation overlay
ADDED - In-feed installation overlay
IMPROVED - Installation overlay options
IMPROVED - AMP Compatibility with 3rd-party plugins
IMPROVED - Compatibility with WP Rocket

Version 4.4 – 21 February, 2021

IMPROVED - Changelog in the support section
IMPROVED - User agent detection
IMPROVED - AMP compatibility with 3rd-party plugins

Version 4.3 – 17 February, 2021

ADDED - Instant Articles feed update frequency option
IMPROVED - AMP compatibility with some plugins
FIXED - New content and product automatic push notifications

Version 4.2 – 4 February, 2021

IMPROVED - AMP compatibility with 3rd-party plugins
FIXED - Installation prompts not showing sometimes

Version 4.1 – 3 February, 2021

ADDED - Option to skip first-time visit for installation overlays
ADDED - Option to set labels separately for icons in the navigation tab bar
IMPROVED - Navigation tab bar with Font Awesome icons
IMPROVED - AMP compatibility with 3rd-party plugins
FIXED - AMP sidebar menu not working on some themes
FIXED - Mozilla firefox fullscreen prompt pointer

Version 4.0 – 26 January, 2021

ADDED - New fade preloader style
ADDED - PWA support for Opera browser
ADDED - AMP sidebar menu option
ADDED - AMP markup validation control and reports
ADDED - Custom CSS option for AMP
ADDED - Option to suppress certain plugins on AMP
IMPROVED - PWA Chrome installation experience
IMPROVED - AMP compatibility with 3rd-party plugins
IMPROVED - Overview section with more information
IMPROVED - Ajaxify feature with pure JavaScript
IMPROVED - AMP Mode option
IMPROVED - Manifest and ServiceWorker names
FIXED - Link preventDefault on PWA
FIXED - Unexpected deactivation issue
FIXED - Color inputs not working
FIXED - Firefox installation prompt issue

Version 3.9 – 11 January, 2021

ADDED - Automatic notifications for Peepso
ADDED - Option to filter push subscribers in a list
IMPROVED - New content detection for auto-push notifications
IMPROVED - Push subscriber automatic updating
IMPROVED - Compatibility with PHP 8
FIXED - BuddyPress automatic notifications issue

Version 3.8 – 26 December, 2020

ADDED - Changelog in the support section
ADDED - More icons to the navigation tab bar
FIXED - Navigation tab bar active icon issue
FIXED - Save settings button overlapping popups
FIXED - Automatic push notifications sent on draft

Version 3.7 – 18 December, 2020

ADDED - Labels below icons option in the navigation tab bar
ADDED - More icons to the navigation tab bar
ADDED - Ability to add custom URLs to the navigation tab bar
ADDED - Ability to add multiple related applications
ADDED - Opening delay option for installation overlays
FIXED - Manifest problem on some websites
FIXED - Push notification static send issue
FIXED - Push-button unsubscribe issue
FIXED - Minor issue with installation button
FIXED - OneSignal ServiceWorker issue

Version 3.6 – 21 November, 2020

ADDED - Automatic cache update
ADDED - 5 new icons to the navigation tab bar
IMPROVED - Skeleton loading
IMPROVED - Offline fallback page caching
IMPROVED - Plugin assets
FIXED - Native Chrome prompt not showing

Version 3.5 – 8 November, 2020

ADDED - Background sync API support
ADDED - Persistent storage API support
ADDED - Web share API support with a button
ADDED - Web share target API support
ADDED - Screen wake lock API support
ADDED - Skeleton loading option to preloader
ADDED - New icons to the navigation tab bar
ADDED - Two new icon styles on the navigation tab bar
ADDED - Pills for indicating new and beta features
IMPROVED - Optimizations with Enhancements
IMPROVED - Preloaders' performance
FIXED - Related application property issue

Version 3.4 – 3 November, 2020

IMPROVED - Toast messages
FIXED - Minor admin UI issues

Version 3.3 – 3 November, 2020

ADDED - Icon style option to the navigation tab bar
ADDED - WooCommerce cart count on navigation tab bar cart icon
ADDED - Related application property to Manifest
ADDED - Tooltip on subscribe notification button
ADDED - Automated push notifications for BuddyPress
ADDED - Option to select additional components to Ajaxify
ADDED - Various styled preloaders
ADDED - Custom style option to FBIA
IMPROVED - Navigation tab bar
FIXED - Minor ServiceWorker preload issue
FIXED - License deactivation every week issue

Version 3.2 – 16 October, 2020

ADDED - Categories property in Manifest
ADDED - Related application properties in Manifest
IMPROVED - Manifest and ServiceWorker generation
FIXED - Page caching

Version 3.1 – 6 October, 2020

ADDED - Styling options for push notifications prompt
ADDED - Push notifications button behavior option
ADDED - New order and low stock automatic notifications for admins
IMPROVED - Manifest and ServiceWorker generation
IMPROVED - Page caching and offline experience
IMPROVED - Compatibility with OneSignal
IMPROVED - Maskable icon
FIXED - AMP all content serving

Version 3.0 – 20 September, 2020

IMPROVED - Direct push prompt with custom push prompt
FIXED - Push payload issue
FIXED - Errors within the push subscribers list

Version 2.9 – 6 September, 2020

ADDED - Automatic push subscription updating
IMPROVED - Chrome installation prompts performance
FIXED - Minor issues in AMP
FIXED - Subscribers list not showing sometimes
FIXED - Alternative prompt display issue
FIXED - Dynamic manifest front page detection
FIXED - OneSignal compatibility issue
REMOVED - AMP generation strategy option

Version 2.8 – 1 September, 2020

ADDED - Mobile redirection option for AMP
ADDED - Paired browsing mode on AMP
FIXED - Settings page not loading sometimes

Version 2.7 – 18 August, 2020

ADDED - Alternative push subscribe prompt option
ADDED - Registered users in the push subscribers list
ADDED - Option to enable preloader only for mobile
IMPROVED - JS strings translation
IMPROVED - Send notification function for better usage
FIXED - Unexpected errors on post-editing screens
FIXED - Support ticket sending issue
FIXED - WP rocket compatibility issue

Version 2.6 – 22 July, 2020

IMPROVED - Push notifications debugging
FIXED - App shortcodes causing invalid Manifest
FIXED - License removing issue

Version 2.5 – 18 July, 2020

ADDED - New types of content to push notification messages
ADDED - Segmentation ability to push subscribe users
ADDED - Scope property in Manifest
ADDED - Screenshots property in Manifest
ADDED - App shortcuts option
ADDED - Dynamic Manifest option
ADDED - Maskable icon as an option
ADDED - More options on the navigation tab bar with direct search
ADDED - Sending automated push notifications on certain events
ADDED - PWA to APK generation option via Trusted Web Activity
FIXED - Preloader icon moving right glitch
FIXED - Preloader causing notice on Firefox and Safari
FIXED - Navigation tab bar covering subscribe button and toast messages
FIXED - Problem with security plugins
FIXED - Unexpected license deactivation issue

Version 2.4 – 21 June, 2020

ADDED - App-like mobile tab bar menu
ADDED - Ajaxify website option
IMPROVED - Asset dependency loading
FIXED - Notice error on the plugins screen
FIXED - New installation overlay option missing from settings
FIXED - Buttons not fitting texts on the admin panel
FIXED - Apple touch icon problem

Version 2.3 – 10 June, 2020

ADDED - New type of installation overlay
ADDED - License information section into Overview tab
ADDED - Maskable icon support for PWA
ADDED - AMP generation strategies
IMPROVED - Installation overlays performance
IMPROVED - Preloader performance
IMPROVED - Verification for more security
FIXED - Offline content issue in ServiceWorker
FIXED - Push subscribers list overflow

Version 2.2 – 24 May, 2020

ADDED - More functionality to the shortcode install button
ADDED - Options to completely disable PWA, AMP or FBIA
ADDED - Caching strategies for assets, images, fonts, and other content
ADDED - Offline support option for Google Analytics
ADDED - UTM tracking for the home screen app and push notifications
IMPROVED - Compatibility with subfolder installations
IMPROVED - Overall performance of the application

Version 2.1 – 14 May, 2020

IMPROVED - Page caching for offline usage
IMPROVED - Preloader performance
IMPROVED - Push notification payload sending
FIXED - Select input issue
FIXED - Subscribe button not showing sometimes
FIXED - Install button appearing on PWA version

Version 2.0 – 27 April, 2020

ADDED - New analytics in AMP
ADDED - Support for older PHP versions
ADDED - Support for WP Rocket
ADDED - Requires plugin header information
IMPROVED - Code for stability
IMPROVED - AMP generation
FIXED - Offline pages causing ServiceWorker to fail

Version 1.9 – 11 April, 2020

IMPROVED - Optimized code for more security
FIXED - Push notification error

Version 1.8 – 10 April, 2020

ADDED - Automatic renewal of push subscribers list
ADDED - Custom copyright to FBIA
ADDED - RTL Publishing support to FBIA
ADDED - Option to control the number of articles in FBIA Feed
ADDED - Article interaction option in FBIA
ADDED - Option to exclude particular posts from AMP and FBIA
IMPROVED - Push notifications with the VAPID method
IMPROVED - Application stability
FIXED - Some AMP errors

Version 1.7 – 3 April, 2020

FIXED - 500 error on Facebook Instant Articles feed
FIXED - Push notifications Firebase credentials error

Version 1.6 – 19 March, 2020

FIXED - Error on push subscribed users list
FIXED - Subscribe button not displaying sometimes

Version 1.5 – 8 March, 2020

IMPROVED - AMP performance

Version 1.4 – 8 March, 2020

IMPROVED - Selecting pages for offline content
IMPROVED - Code for more stability
REMOVED - Reactify feature as it's not useful in modern browsers anymore

Version 1.3 – 24 February, 2020

ADDED - Shortcode support for inline installation banners
FIXED - Minor bugs

Version 1.2 – 23 February, 2020

ADDED - Inline installation banners
IMPROVED - Service worker and offline usage
IMPROVED - Stability for JavaScript
FIXED - Unexpected deactivation issue

Version 1.1 – 15 February, 2020

IMPROVED - Purchase code verification process
FIXED - Some minor UI issues

Version 1.0 – 15 February, 2020

INITIAL - Initial release

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