Jet Appointments Booking


JetAppointment is a powerful WordPress appointment booking plugin. Allows to manage booking appointments, hourly services, and events.

Explore JetAppointment Options & Settings

provider’s schedule and service pricing

Complete the general appointment setup

Add the vital appointment details not a single form can do without – business days, working hours, days off, and the provided services.

Add holidays and rest days to the schedule
Adjust the schedule for all services in one place
Use custom calendar labels for weekdays and months
Configure individual service durationprice, etc.
appointment details on the back end

Adjust other
JetAppointment settings

Flesh out the appointment by indicating the between services, maximum capacity per certain services, and payment information.

Arrange the buffer time before/after the service sessions
Set the price per one time slot, hour, and even minute
Find all the payment information in the special settings columns
Set the maximum capacity per any given service
zoom meeting confirmation email and participants

Schedule a Zoom call and use confirmation links

Users pick a vacant slot, and the appointment engine will book a Zoom video call and communicate all the details to participants via email.

Add and configure Zoom API endpoint
Attach Zoom meeting data to the appointment
Send a confirmation URL to the service provider by email
Manage scheduled Zoom meetings in the dashboard
Create the appointment confirmation / cancellation links

Customize User Scenarios
for Smooth Appointment Booking

workflow event triggers and actions to run

Create Workflows for each appointment’s lifecycle stage

Configure different appointment workflows for sending confirmation emails, upcoming event notifications, confirmation/cancellation requests to service providers, and more.

Trigger the action on appointment creation/status change
Set workflow actions to run immediately/when scheduled
Configure one/multiple workflows for the same appointment
Combine existing actions into one set to personalize UX
Create a unique Workflow to cover a specific appointment routine

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