JetElements For Elementor


Meet JetElements! With 42 widgets on board to create eye-catching content in a few clicks. Create carousels. Sliders. Countdown timers. Parallax effects.

Forget static content. Use interactive widgets

Want to increase engagement on the web page? Use Elementor interactive cards, images, and other widgets to make the content components more clickable and scrollable.

Embed third-party content

Create a connection between JetElements-added content sections to external apps & plugins to output multimedia and manage third-party data.

Showcase Complex Numeric Data

Pie Chart & Bar Chart

Display numeric values by proportions via a circular graph or illustrate the important data comparison in the bar charts.

elementor pie chart

Responsive Tables

Place any content into the table cells, rows, and columns to add the schedule/list to the Elementor-built pages.

elementor responsive table widget

Vertical & Horizontal Timeline

Add vertical/horizontal timelines to the page and display events, projects, and roadmap chronologically.

elementor vertical timeline

Progress Bar & Circle Progress

Indicate the progress through a basic progress bar animation or use a circular motion animation to showcase the progress.

elementor progress bar

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