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Image Choices is a Gravity Forms add-on that allows you to replace standard radio buttons and checkboxes with images. This means that instead of a boring old radio button or checkbox, your users will see a visual representation of their choice.

Add images to your forms

Avoid ugly or long labels in your radio button or checkbox labels, just insert an image. With Gravity Forms Image Choices – enable images for your field, and insert your images.

Radio Fields

Replace, or add, images to your existing Gravity Forms Radio fields and present radio options to your users as visual elements instead of text labels.

Checkbox Fields

In addition to radio field support, Image Choices also works with checkbox fields, to allow user multi-selects with checkbox fields.

Beautify your option fields

Image Choices Add-on for Gravity Forms, once installed will allow you to add PNG, JPG, GIF and SVG images to any radio or checkbox based fields.

Using the default WordPress media library you can attach any image to your option fields, whilst retaining all the great Gravity Forms functionality you already enjoy.

Perfect for products

Gravity Forms Image Choices also supports the ever-popular product and product option fields, allowing you to present your products inside your form to show examples of product variations to your users.

No more HTML in your labels

Typically, the only way to get images into radio or checkbox option fields was to add image HTML markup into the field labels, which is less than ideal. With Gravity Forms Image Choices you can do away with this witchcraft and use the default WordPress media uploader to insert your images. Keeping your images separate from your label text.

Lightbox your images

New to image choices! We’ve now implemented the ability for users to lightbox their image choices images for a better viewing experience. Simple click the zoom icon to see your image in a lightbox.

Polls, surveys & quiz fields

Gravity Forms Image Choices also extends functionality to work with the Poll add-on, Survey add-on and Quiz add-on, when set to Radio Buttons or Checkboxes. Easily present options like voting on images or artwork.


More add-on goodness

Image Choices is a lightweight Gravity Forms add-on to make your forms look more engaging and more visually appealing. It also comes with some special extra features under the hood.

Image previews in entries

Entry values for fields with image choices will display as an image preview in the entries table as well as on the entry detail. Plus when you edit an entry, for fields that support it you get the image choices UI.

Merge tag compatibile

Now you can display your image selections using Gravity Forms merge tags within your entries notifications. Use the standard {All_fields} merge tag or display single fields as entry images in your custom HTML email notifications.

Optional labels

Have fine-grain control over when and if your radio or checkbox labels should appear. Enjoy the control of easily showing or hiding labels at every related field.

Third-party friendly

We work closely with other certified Gravity Forms developers such as Gravity Wizz and Gravity PDF to ensure our add-ons seamlessly worth together for even more flexible form functionality.

Layout control NEW

Control how many columns to showcase your choices in across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Control how the images are displayed within the design style with cover, natural or fit options

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