JetThemeCore For Elementor


JetThemeCore is a full-featured WordPress theme builder. Theme building with Elementor or Gutenberg allows creating website templates with custom headers,

Build Templates with
a Pure WordPress Block Editor

Create templates, using Gutenberg as the only basis, or choose Elementor, if you prefer it more.
JetThemeCore works smoothly with both block editor and visual builder.

theme builder for wordpress block editor

Assign Conditions
to Different Website Parts

Show template
on the whole site

Display a template on the entire website. For instance, output one header template on all web papes.

jetthemecore entire site condition

Vary templates
on single pages

Create single page templates, display headers & footers on the available singles, or define target locations where to output them.

jetthemecore singular page condition

Set custom templates for archive pages

Choose the Archive as a target location to output the templates on the required archive page.

jetthemecore archive page condition

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