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WP File Download is a WordPress download manager plugin to manage documents, Google drive, Dropbox synchronization and more. Get the easiest file manager.

Limit download access, file visibility and file management

When you manage files, you will always need to setup file access for users and it’s always complex to do so. In WP File Download, we’ve included smart tools to manage file visibility and file management actions. Define who is allowed to download or update a file, delete a file, edit only his own files and more. Furthermore, it’s possible to restrict the access to a file or a file category to some WordPress users only.

A powerful yet easy to use WordPress download manager

We mean it – the download manager is straightforward to use. It’s essentially like managing files on your desktop file browser. For example, you can change the order and levels of file categories with drag’n drop as well as order files. And everything is saved with AJAX – on the fly. Adding new files? Just drag’n drop one or multiple files, no matter the file size.

Move or duplicate files? It’s a piece of cake. Drag’n drop files or use the right-click to copy, cut, paste one or several files at the same time.

WordPress download manager design: 5 themes included

Five themes are included in the plugin, but it’s not just themes! They change the way you make your files available to your users. The themes included are standard file listing, Google Drive like, Table, Accordion file tree, file preview with covers. The system is also extremely flexible because you can apply a theme per category of files or even create your own file download theme.

A download manager for the Elementor page builder

WP File Download plugin is the only download manager that offers full integration with Elementor page builder. 3 dedicated widgets are available: WP File Download File, WP File Download File Category, WP File Download Search Engine.

Flexible and advanced document search engine

Flexible and advanced file search engine

Managing a massive number of documents goes with a powerful file search engine. This is included in the plugin and in addition, you can generate multiple and custom search engines configuration with options to activate:

  • Full-text search for documents with automatic index
  • Category file filtering
  • Tag filtering as checkbox or predictive search box
  • Date of creation & Update range filter
  • Document preview in search results
  • File ordering in search results on column title click
  • Compatible with WordPress native search engine

Import and synchronize server folders in your download manager

If you already have files stored on your server or if it’s faster for you to send files through FTP, the file importer is for you. Select a document source on your server and the download manager category target, then run a synchronization. Exporting all or one part of the file library is also possible. Furthermore. we’ve also added an automatic synchronization feature for any server folder with a WP File Download whenever you want!

One-click file update & multicategories, document versioning

Updating and restoring files has never been so easy. You can update (replace) an existing file with one click while you keep a backup of the old file version. Of course the old version can be restored in one click too. To keep the track of the file version you can create a file version name pattern for each new version (version-01, version-02…).

Furthermore, the plugin offers the possibility to assign a downloadable document to multiple categories.

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