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WP Media Folder plugin, your WordPress media library with folders. Advanced … JoomUnited is 4.9 Star of 5 stars – based on 226 Reviews. Christina.

WP Media Folder, go further than anyone with the WordPress media library

From beginners to advanced users, WP Media Folder is the easiest way to manage media on WordPress.
Supercharge your WordPress media library with hundreds of features.

  • Unlimited folders and sub-folders
  • Advanced media searching and filtering
  • Replace a media in all WordPress posts
  • Automatic watermarks on a folder selection
  • Synchronize server files with folders
  • Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 DigitalOcean, Linode, Wasabi full integration
  • photographer addon, present your photo like a pro
  • And many more media folder features…

Import & synchronization of server folders and media

If you already have media on your server, perhaps uploaded using FTP or from a gallery manager plugin, you can import the content right in the WordPress media library. Select a folder or a subfolder from your server, click on import, and it’s done! The folder structure is retained, and the media files are made available in the native WordPress media manager. We’ve also added an automatic synchronization feature with any server folder with a WP Media folder, whenever you want!
Import and synchronization of server folders and media

WooCommerce and 3rd Party Plugins Compatible

WordPress media folders for WooCommerce

WP Media Folder is compatible with WooCommerce. In an e-commerce website you need to manage a lot of images for each product, or each category of products. It thus degenerates and quickly becomes complicated to find your images. Now you’ll be able to classify your products images in folders. All plugins that use WordPress media manager will be able to use WP Media Folder.

Update, Replace, Duplicate Existing Media

Update, Replace, Duplicate Existing Media

Media replacement is something extremely useful, it removes the need of searching for an old media, removing it, uploading a new one. Just click on replace et voilà! There’s a “security switch” to only replace media with other files having the same format ( from jpg to jpg, png to png, gif to gif…) so links to media won’t be broken. You also have the option of duplicating media in case you want to do some modifications on a media while preserving the original one.

Image Watermark to WordPress Media Folders

WP Media Folder allows to apply image watermark on your media, a non-removable watermark. The watermark can be applied on the whole image library, on a selection of image sizes, or on a selection of media folders. It supports image scaling, margin, opacity and position.

Sort & filter your WordPress media library

WP Media folder is capable of advanced WordPress media filtering and ordering. You can filter your media by file type or size, or order them by title for example, and everything is saved automatically. So the next time you open your media library your media manager will be clean. What’s more, as a parameter you may define custom image dimension and file weight filters.

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