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WP Table Manager is a WordPress responsive table plugin with spreadsheet interface to create price, comparison table or any custom table.

WP Table Manager is the only WordPress table plugin that offers a full spreadsheet interface to manage tables. Create a table, pick up a theme and start editing tables right away. You’ll enjoy a set of powerful table edition tools, such as: HTML cell editing, table copying, calculation, Excel, Google Sheets and Office 365 synchronization. As end user, editing a table is as simple as clicking on cell, and editing data with or without a visual text editor.

WP Table Manager editor got a new design!

WP Table Manager has been fully rebuilt with better responsive custom modes, Excel and Google Sheets optimized synchronization and many more.
Let’s build outstanding tables!

WP table manager plugin new design

Tables are difficult to manipulate in HTML, and WordPress does not offer a native tool to do that. What does editing a table like in a spreadsheet sound? All it takes is clicking on a cell, editing the data and voilà! It’s saved automatically.

Synchronization with Excel, CSV & online Office 365 Excel documents

An Excel and CSV import & export tool is available for each table. Save a lot of time, import your spreadsheet table, create your layout, and publish it. What can I import/Export? You can import all data + some Excel styles or only the table data. The styles compatible with Import/Export are cell background color, font color, font size, borders, Links (HTML format).

Google Sheets Import/Export and synchronization plugin

Yes, you read it right. Select any Google Sheets from Google Drive and you can make an automatic synchronization of the table content. You can import all data + some Google Sheets styles or only the data and preserve your table editor style.

A Google Sheets import and export tool is also available for each table. Save a lot of time, import your Google Sheets table, create your layout, and publish it. An export button can also be used for customers from the frontend.

The Elementor table editor plugin

WP Table Manager is the only table editor that offers full integration with Elementor page builder. Two dedicated widgets are available: the table content widget that loads any table content and the table chart widget.

DIVI table editor, DIVI modules included

WP Table Manager is the only table editor that offers full integration with DIVI page builder. Load and edit tables with two modules: the table content DIVI module that loads any table in your page, including in the frontend editor and in the same way, the table chart module.

Manage user access to tables data, and front-end table edition

From the plugin configuration you can setup WordPress user roles access to tables and tables categories. Furthermore, it’s possible to lock cell range edition by user or user role in each table. For each user group, determine:

  • Access to WP Table Manager and its configuration
  • Manage own/global categories
  • Manage own/global tables
  • Lock a cell range edition per WordPress user
  • Lock a cell range edition by user role

Themes and Colors for Tables

WP Table Manager comes with 6 themes. Themes have been built from the plugin so it means that everything is editable. For example, add the planning theme, change the hours with your data and you’re done. You can even create your own from scratch because tables can be copied in a click. You can also create your own alternate 2 lines colors set and apply it on a selection of table cells.

Advanced sort and filter your tables data

Filtering and ordering are essential features while displaying a large table on a website frontend. There is no faster way to reach the necessary information by combining these two. Furthermore, it’s possible to define by advance an order for the table data on page load and a pagination number.

Create WordPress editable tables using database data

WP Table Manager got a tool to generate tables from a selection of database data. Select some tables, columns from the database, apply some optional filters then manage table from WP Table manager interface. Your table is incremented automatically on database updates! Furthermore you got some sorting, filters, automatic design, pagination automatically applied.

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