Kadence WP Related Content Plugin


This plugin gives you tools to supercharge the content marketing on your site through a related posts/pages/products carousel.

Related content is a powerful way to interconnect and promote specific content to your users based on where they are on your site. Link products to your blog posts and show in a carousel to upsell and further engage your audience.

Related Content Carousel

Now you can write a post about a specific product and link that product to your post to show in a beautiful carousel.
Kadence WP Related Content Plugin

Interlink Posts, Pages and Products

Select, order and define the exact content that you want to entice your readers with to further investigate or connect with your site.
Kadence WP Related Content Plugin

Choose your Style and Output

With Kadence Related Content, choose to show just the image and title, or opt to show excerpt, post-type, post date and more. You control it all, right within your plugin settings.
Kadence WP Related Content Plugin

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