LearnPress Certificates Add-on


Certificates add-on for LearnPress – WordPress LMS plugin that adds drag & drop Certificates design tool to create certificates for your course.

Certificates Add-On For LearnPress

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  • Add Drag & Drop certificates builder as well as select designed certificates templates for each LMS course.
  • Customizable Certificate Templates.
  • Automated Certificate Generation.
  • Set cost to get certificate.

When finish a course, you can provide a certifications for passed students – a proof for completing this course. You can self-design your certification or use an avaiable template/sample to edit. Therefore, you can add and customize many informations, making a difference and unique certification for your course.

As a certificate can be fake easily, we added the feature of verifying that allow certificates to has a verify link. When the student share the certificate to anyone else (employer, schools, etc), they can check the link and verify that this is an authentic certificate.

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