Showcase your work through Lense, our WordPress theme specially crafted for photographers, let it do all the work while you focus on your art.

Theme Features

Flexible headers

Our user-friendly interface allows you to personalize your site’s header with various options like color scheme, layout, font, and logo adjustments. Experience real-time previews of changes, ensuring your website’s first impression aligns perfectly with your brand identity. With our Customizer settings, your vision sets the tone for your online presence.

Customizable footers

Take control of your website’s appearance with our WordPress themes’ dynamic Customizer settings for the footer. Easily adjust elements such as color scheme, layout, fonts, and add important links or information, all via a user-friendly interface. Preview your changes in real-time to ensure your footer’s look and functionality align perfectly with your overall site design. Our Customizer settings offer you the flexibility to ensure your website’s endnote leaves a lasting impression.

Build with blocks

Enhance your website creation process using WordPress blocks and our exclusive GutenBee custom blocks collection. These tools simplify your page construction, allowing you to add a variety of elements or special features effortlessly. With our Gutenberg and GutenBee blocks, crafting visually compelling and professional pages becomes a breeze, regardless of your technical background.

Seamless Elementor integration

Experience a smooth designing journey with our WordPress themes’ seamless Elementor integration. Whether you’re a professional developer or a novice user, this feature offers a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to create stunning layouts and designs effortlessly. It empowers you to take full control over your website’s look and functionality, making website building a straightforward and enjoyable process.


Designed with performance as a top priority, our WordPress themes are built to be fast and efficient. We understand the importance of speed in providing an excellent user experience and improving SEO rankings. Hence, our themes are optimized to load quickly, ensuring that your visitors don’t have to wait and your website’s performance remains top-notch at all times.


Our WordPress themes come with a seamless WooCommerce integration, turning your website into a fully-functional e-commerce platform with just a few clicks. Sell products, manage inventory, and provide a secure checkout process effortlessly. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, our WooCommerce-compatible themes pave the way for a successful online store.

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