LiveCanvas – Pure HTML and CSS WordPress Builder


LiveCanvas is a page builder aimed specifically at those who want to build great websites without getting too far from the HTML code, but reducing fatigue.

Engineered for performance

The LiveCanvas plugin can run upon any Bootstrap 5-based WordPress Theme, but to reach top performance results and ultimate customization, we recommend using picostrap5, our ultra-lightweight Bootstrap 5-based starter theme.

This is our recipe to quickly build successful web pages that effectively deliver your message and load blazingly fast.

WooCommerce Templating

Now with full WooCommerce support.
Building a great-looking e-commerce site just got so much easier, while keeping control of markup and minimizing bloat.

Control Dynamic Templates

You can use LiveCanvas on your entire WordPress site, to craft both individual pages and dynamic templates as well, including custom post types.

Enjoy fine-grain control on your site, with edge-to-edge precision.



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