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The “Jetpack Protect” Extension streamlines the process of scanning your Child Sites for potential vulnerabilities, providing detailed information about each vulnerability and simplifying the process of updating to the fixed version of WordPress core, Plugins, or Themes with just one click.

Note that this requires a Jetpack Protect plugin on your Child Sites.


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– Why the Jetpack Protect

Jetpack Protect offers an additional layer of security to your connected websites by utilizing the extensive WPScan vulnerability database.

This allows Jetpack Protect to effectively identify and safeguard your Child Sites against any malicious code in the WordPress core, plugins, or themes.

WPScan - CNA Assigners List 2022

– Jetpack Protect Extension: Widget

Once you activate the Jetpack Protect Extension, you’ll notice a helpful widget on the MainWP Overview page.

This widget gives you an overview of the Jetpack Protect scanned results providing one-click action to jump into the vulnerabilities for WordPress core, plugins, and themes.

MainWP Jetpack Protect - Widget

– Jetpack Protect Extension: Overview

The Overview page displays detailed information for the scanned vulnerabilities for WordPress core, themes, and plugins on each Child Site with the Jetpack Protect plugin installed.

Note that Jetpack Protect automatically scans your Child Sites once in 24 hours.

Jetpack Protect - Overview

The numbers listed below the WP, Plugins, and Themes columns correspond to the number of threats or vulnerabilities detected on each Child Site.

By clicking on a specific number, you can get further information regarding the vulnerabilities detected and the necessary steps to address them.

Jetpack Protect - Threats

The Jetpack Protect Extension is a free solution to detect vulnerabilities in WordPress, plugins, and themes.

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